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Read our most recent articles covering eco-friendly lifestyle tips, climate change information, zero-waste recipes, animal news, sustainable trends, and more.

How to Make a Quilted Jacket from Old Clothes and Fabric
The only thing better than wrapping yourself up in a blanket is getting to wear one everywhere you go. Here's how to make a quilted jacket.
natural fabric dye using food scraps and plants
How to Create Natural Fabric Dyes Using Food and Plants
Using plants, fruits, and more to create natural dye is both creative and environmentally friendly. Here's an introduction to the ancient practice.
plus-size sustainable clothing
7 Plus-Size Sustainable Clothing Brands to Shop in 2022
Shopping for plus-size sustainable clothing? These are the best size-inclusive brands to shop in the slow fashion movement.
6 Sustainable Items in Dakota Johnson’s Closet
Channel Dakota Johnson's signature style with these six eco-friendly items directly from her aspirational wardrobe.
How to Wear a Fanny Pack: 6 Ways to Style the Crossbody Bag
Learn how to wear a fanny pack like a pro, whether you're running errands, grabbing dinner, or heading to a workout.
11 Sustainable Clothing Brands Prioritizing the Planet
These sustainable clothing brands are championing change in the fashion industry and bettering the planet in the process.
We Tried the World's First Plant-Based Bralette From Kindly
Kindly is nice to the planet and your wallet. Here's what our community thinks of the brand's sustainable bralette, available at Walmart.
How to Shrink Jeans That Are Too Loose for the Perfect Fit
Don’t get rid of stretched-out denim. Instead, learn how to shrink jeans in minutes for a more flattering fit.
The Best Sustainable Fanny Packs and Belt Bags to Rock in 2022
Shop these eco-friendly fanny packs and belt bags made of sustainable or recycled materials from Cuyana, Everlane, and other brands.
How to Take Care of Jeans, According to Levi's Resident Historian
From patching to air-drying, these tips from Levi's resident historian will help your denim stand the test of time.
Simple Tips to Help You Back-to-School Shop Sustainably
Shopping for back-to-school clothes sustainably is easy with these helpful tips. Save money, save the planet, and look great while doing it.
Sustainable Picks From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022
The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 has arrived. Here are the sustainable picks we're shopping—jewelry, accessories, and more.
How to Host a Clothing Swap, From Invites to Running the Event
Want to host a clothing swap but not sure how to get started? Here's your guide, from finding an event space to running the swap.
What Is a Consignment Shop? Here's Everything You Should Know
A consignment shop and thrift store are totally different. Here's everything you need to know before making a visit.
Sustainable Maximalism *Is* Possible—and This Designer Is Proof
Sustainable fashion is associated with minimalism, but what if we said you can be a sustainable maximalist? A designer weighs in.
7 Colorful Sustainable Clothing Brands for a Fun and Bold Wardrobe
Sick of browns and beiges? These colorful sustainable clothing brands will give you a fun and bold wardrobe that's anything but boring.
9 Eco-Friendly Sunglasses That Protect Your Eyes and The Planet
These eco-friendly sunglasses don't just look cool. They're also made with sustainable materials and protect your eyes against harmful rays.
The Best Memorial Day Sales from Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Brands
If you're shopping Memorial Day sales, keep being a conscious consumer in mind by supporting eco-friendly and sustainable brands.
How to Find Your Personal Style—And Better the Planet in the Process
Finding your personal style can be difficult. These tips will help you do so in a way that betters the planet *and* your bank account.
Shawn Mendes Is Working on a Sustainable Clothing Line with Tommy Hilfiger
Shawn Mendes and Tommy Hilfiger have teamed up to create a sustainable clothing line *and* a greener world tour.
How to (Finally!) Break Up with Fast Fashion, According to an Expert
Fast fashion is everywhere, from our shopping carts to our social media feeds. But it's time to break up with it for good. Here's how.
Emma Stone Rewore Her Wedding Dress to the Met Gala
Sustainable fashion made its way to the Met Gala's star-studded red carpet. Here, the vintage gowns and jewelry worn by our favorite celebs.
How to Fix Holes in Shirts, No Previous Sewing Experience Needed
Learning how to fix holes in shirts is easier than you think. Here's how to get the job done, even with no previous sewing experience.
Is Princess Polly Sustainable? What You Should Know Before Buying
Princess Polly is one of the most popular fast fashion retailers. But how ethical and sustainable is the brand? We found out.
How to Clean Used Clothes So They Look Brand New
Want your thrifted clothes to look good as new? Use this guide to learn how to clean used clothes in four simple steps.
Orsola de Castro Talks Fashion Revolution and Curating an Ethical Closet
Curating an ethical closet can be tricky. Thankfully, Orsola de Castro, founder of Fashion Revolution, shared her top tips with us.
7 Sustainable Denim Shorts to Shop in 2022
These sustainable shorts are eco-friendly, ethically made, and ready to be worn all season long. Here are our top picks.
Secondhand Clothing Is Becoming the Fashion Industry's Hottest Trend
The secondhand market is growing. From eliminating production pollution to creating a circular economy, here's why it's fashion's hottest trend.
The Fashion Industry Is Welcoming a New Wave of Eco Materials
The fashion industry is getting an eco-friendly makeover with a new wave of sustainable materials entering the market in 2022.
Is Microfiber Harming the Planet? The Environmental Impact of Microfibers
Are microfiber products harmful to the planet? Here's everything you should know about the environmental impact of microfibers.
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