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7 Sustainable Wedding Dress Brands to Shop for Your Big Day

These sustainable wedding dress brands make eco-friendly gowns that have the planet in mind. Here are the best options for your big day.

sustainable wedding dress brands
Written by
Asha Swann
Finding a wedding dress for your big day isn't easy. There's a lot of pressure to find the perfect gown that makes you feel beautiful, inside and out. You also have to find something within your price range. Another thing to keep in mind as a bride-to-be? The not-so-great environmental impact the wedding industry has.
With all the work that goes into planning a wedding, the amount of waste is often the last thing on our minds. But the wedding industry as it exists today produces a serious carbon footprint. A wedding with roughly 100-120 people can produce about
400-600 pounds of waste
, with food waste, single-use floral arrangements, plastic wrapping, and plastic confetti ending up in a landfill. But don't worry: Green weddings are the future, starting with the dresses.
Used wedding dresses
are changing the single-use wedding industry. But buying a secondhand dress isn't the only sustainable option out there. Here are some great brands that are prioritizing sustainability through ethical business practices, environmentally-friendly materials, organic textiles, and more.

7 Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Brands


Reformation dresses are chic, modern, and glamourous. This brand has a unique collection of minimalist wedding and bridesmaid dresses, all sustainably made in Los Angeles.
Reformation even prioritizes ethical business practices, which is why the brand works with industry groups like the Fair Labor Association and conducts on-site social responsibility audits.

Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall dresses are made one at a time by fair-wage seamstresses in New York, with some made right in the showroom. Made-to-order gowns minimize production waste and inventory surplus. The brand also prioritizes using natural textiles and recycling fabric scraps.

Rent the Runway

sustainable wedding dress brands
Yes, you can
rent a wedding dress
—or any dress, for that matter. Rent the Runway has clothes for every occasion, so you don't have to worry about single-use outfits. Renting your wedding gown is also a great way to save money without compromising quality and style.

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Wear Your Love

Another brand prioritizing sustainability is Wear Your Love. The gowns are handcrafted and made-to-order, decreasing the amount of waste that could end up in landfills.
The brand also uses sustainable materials like
organic cotton
for optimal comfort. The dresses are unique, and there are plenty of styles for brides to choose from.

Scout Bridal

sustainable wedding dress brands
Scout Bridal is producing ethical wedding gowns and using sustainable business practices in North America. Not only are the gowns ethically made, but the company also uses 100% sustainable packaging to ship them to you.
Every purchase made goes toward planting trees. Plus, the Scout Bridal tag has wildflower seeds built in! That's right, there are plantable seeds directly in your dress' tag.

Indiebride London

sustainable wedding dress brands
Looking for an indie, boho-chic wedding gown for your special day? Check out Indiebride London. This brand aims to give you high-quality gowns made with sustainable materials.
Instead of following fashion trends, Indiebride London prioritizes customers' needs. These gowns are made from scratch, using natural materials like cotton, silk, and ramie. Extra fabric is even upcycled to make veils and headpieces.

Lost in Paris

sustainable wedding dress brands
Lost in Paris maintains sustainable business practices by giving
and antique lace a new life.
These expert dressmakers take old lace fabrics and upcycle them into gorgeous wedding gowns, giving any bride a one-of-a-kind look for the big day. The brand is eco-conscious and creative, putting the planet and the people first with its unique manufacturing.