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11 Sustainable Activewear Brands That Will Help You Crush Your Workouts

The fast fashion industry takes a toll on the environment, but you can make a difference. Check out these eco-friendly activewear brands to break unsustainable cycles.

Written by
Angelica Pizza
January 28, 2022

Whether you have a goal to be more active or to live more sustainably in 2022, we have some sustainable activewear that will help you achieve both!

Fast fashion is everywhere. And unfortunately, some of our favorite activewear is a product of the fast fashion industry. Associated with unethical business practices, unsustainable materials, and high carbon emissions, the fast fashion industry has massive carbon and water footprints.

The good news is that you can help by being a conscious consumer and purchasing ethically-sourced and sustainably-made products—including your activewear. If you're looking to make more planet-friendly fashion choices while also staying active, check out our top sustainable activewear picks.

Sustainable Activewear to Rock in 2022

Reformation launched its activewear collection, Ref Active, last year. Upholding to the brand's sustainable standards, the line is made with REPREVE, a fabric that uses 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles.

You also get to see the savings in greenhouse gas emissions, water, and energy for each item. The line features plenty of fun colors, patterns, and styles, which come in sizes 0 to 3X.

2. Pact

Pact is a proud partner with Fair Trade, ensuring safe conditions for workers and protecting the environment. Its items are also Certified Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard and use 81% less water than conventional cotton. The sizes run from XS to 2XL, depending on the item.

From hiking to ice skating to doing yoga, Girlfriend Collective has you covered. This brand prioritizes ethically-made clothing and even offers multi-purpose sets for warming up, working out, and running errands.

The ReSet Warmup Wear line includes sets made from recycled water bottles and comes in inclusive sizes ranging from XXS-6XL.

4. Tentree

Another sustainable company to check out is Tentree. With a mission to plant 10 trees for every purchase made and to use only ethically-sourced and eco-friendly materials, the brand hopes to make big environmental changes.

Plus, before purchasing your next activewear set, Tentree tells you just how much carbon dioxide, water, and waste were saved in the making.

5. Wolven

Wolven's goal is to "Make Sustainability Sexy." When shopping for your next athletic set, you can read all about the brand's sustainability practices. Wolven's fabrics use recycled PET fabrics and vegan suede, and the company even promises your clothes are carbon neutral.

Looking for both activewear and loungewear? Summersalt has it all. Each product comes with a sustainability breakdown, letting you know exactly what the fabric is made of.

Plus, Summersalt has an entirely eco-friendly activewear line, with leggings, tanks, sports bras, and more made with recycled polyester.

Ethically manufactured in Los Angeles, Groceries Apparel uses all-natural, plant-based, non-toxic dyes. The brand even upcycles food waste from coffee grounds and carrot tops to create its sustainable activewear. Clothing is also made with GOTS-certified organic cotton.

8. Prana

Prana is another Fair Trade Certified company that offers a transparent look into its sustainability practices. With sustainable activewear for men and women, Prana makes clothes using recycled polyester, organic cotton, and other ethically sourced materials. The company even has responsible packaging that uses recycled paper and eliminates plastic waste.

Patagonia's activewear line is 87% Fair Trade sewn and uses 50-100% recycled polyester. The company also uses the Bluesign system to evaluate its supply chain and ensure materials are safe for the environment and for consumers.

Plus, Patagonia's activewear is treated with HeiQ Fresh odor-control additives to increase the number of wears before washing, helping you save water. It also extends the clothing's life, allowing you to decrease your carbon and water footprints.

Organic Basics is another sustainable activewear brand that gives consumers a run-down of each product's environmental impact. Before purchasing, you can review how much water, carbon dioxide, and waste were conserved to produce each item.

Organic Basics also uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled cashmere, and TENCEL Lyocell to make low-impact activewear.

 11. Vuori

Last but certainly not least, Vuori is dedicated to using 80% sustainable materials in 2022, according to the brand's sustainability page. Vuori also uses REPREVE polyester from recycled plastic bottles, ECONYL nylon from recycled nylon waste, and certified organic cotton. Plus, activewear is anti-odor and moisture-wicking—perfect for any workout!