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7 Zero-Waste Makeup Products Worth Adding to Your Lineup

These are the best zero-waste makeup products to try in 2022. There's lip balms, foundation, eyeliner, and more.

Written by
Angelica Pizza

Our routines can be wasteful. Think about how much paper, plastic, and even food waste we may accumulate in just one day. The waste builds up in landfills and creates greenhouse gas emissions that harm the environment in the process. That also includes our makeup routine.

It's our responsibility as conscious consumers to choose products that keep the planet in the best possible shape whenever we can, and zero-waste makeup is a great place to start. Zero-waste makeup comes in all shapes and sizes and can include plastic-free products, waterless formulas, refillable packaging, and even biodegradable or compostable materials.

If you're looking to revamp your beauty routine, it may be time to trade in your beloved plastic tube of mascara for a zero-waste alternative. To get started on your journey, check out these zero-waste makeup products you'll want to add to your routine.

7 Zero-Waste Makeup Products to Try

Mascara often comes in hard-to-recycle plastic containers, but Izzy has a solution. Izzy's Zero-Waste Mascara is not only clean and cruelty-free, but it also reduces plastic waste and has a small carbon footprint.

Products and packaging are 100% reusable, 100% recyclable, and 100% certified Carbon Neutral. You can make a one-time purchase to try Izzy's mascara, or you can become a member and get refills every three months.

Axiology is known for its accessible, cruelty-free, and planet-friendly makeup. And now you can buy Axiology's Zero-Waste Balmies at ULTA Beauty!

Balmies are multi-use crayons that can add color to your lips, cheeks, and eyelids. The crayons come wrapped in recyclable paper, ditching the hard plastic lipstick tube. And the boxes are even handmade from recycled trash!

When you finish the crayon, simply recycle the paper and compost the red box. One crayon is $14, and you can get the entire set for $96.

Yes, this eyeliner can be planted, and yes, it'll grow into wildflowers! Sprout World has created plantable eyeliners and eyebrow liners that grow into bee-friendly flowers and reduce waste.

Made from certified wood and an allergy-free, vegan formula, these liners give back to nature. Plus, they're all made with a zero-microplastic formula.

Meow Meow Tweet's lip balms are vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free. They keep things zero-waste by packaging the product in compostable paper tubes as opposed to plastic.

They're also multi-purpose: They're so gentle that you can moisturize beyond your lips. They work on dry hands, feet, and more. They act as a mood-booster, too: Just give them a sniff for a little aromatherapy.

Grab them in three scents: rosemary eucalyptus, coconut cacao, and sweet orange tangerine. You can even find them at Target!

Highlighter is a great way to add a little shine to your makeup routine. Now you can do so without all the waste! This highlighter stick is 100% vegan and cruelty-free certified, and it comes in an eco-friendly paper tube.

It's plastic-free and certified organic, so now your highlight is clean and zero-waste. River Organics also offers zero-waste blush, lip balm, mascara, concealer, and more.

Elate's Uplift Foundation comes in reusable glass bottles with a water-treated bamboo lid. You can repurpose the glass bottle once you finish the foundation to maintain a sustainable life cycle, or you can easily recycle it. The bamboo lid can also be composted.

Check out Elate's other foundation options, including the Refresh Foundation that comes in refillable bottles.

A makeup routine isn't complete without a makeup remover that successfully washes the products off your skin. However, makeup wipes aren't the most sustainable option. Wipes not only create waste, but they also tend to come in plastic packaging.

Now, you can kiss makeup remover waste goodbye with Ethique's zero-waste makeup remover bars! Ethique is proud to be 100% plastic-free and carbon-neutral, and these cleansing bars come in compostable packaging. Plus, this product saves 1,100 milliliters of water, so you can also reduce your water footprint.