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vegan pumpkin gnocchi recipe
This Pumpkin Gnocchi Recipe Is Perfect for Fall Gatherings
Fall means pumpkin-flavored everything, and this vegan pumpkin gnocchi may just be a new seasonal dinner staple.
plant-based diet benefits
How a Plant-Based Diet Benefits Your Health and the Environment
A plant-based diet benefits both your health and the environment. Here's everything you should know, according to a registered dietitian.
We Tried Countless Vegan Ice Creams—Here Are the 8 Winners
Summer may be over, but these vegan ice cream options can be enjoyed year-round. Here are the best non-dairy ice cream brands to try.
matcha industry sustainability
What to Look for When Buying Sustainable Matcha, According to an Expert
Matcha has become the darling of morning routines. Here's how to make a sustainable purchase the next time you want to sip the popular beverage.
tabitha brown for target vegan food
Tabitha Brown Is Launching a Vegan Food Line at Target This Weekend
Vegan chef Tabitha Brown is launching a new collection with Target that features 40 plant-based food products, all under $8 each. Here's your first look at what's to come.
can you eat tofu raw
Can You Eat Raw Tofu? A Registered Dietitian Weighs In
Tofu is an excellent source of plant-based protein. Here's how (and why) to enjoy it raw.
squash pasta recipe
This Seed-to-Skin Squash Pasta Recipe From Chef Max La Manna Is Perfect for the Holidays
Max La Manna has a new cookbook on the way, and we're celebrating with some delicious and seasonal whole squash pasta. Here's how to make it.
best non-dairy creamers
10 Best Non-Dairy Creamers for Your Morning Coffee, According to RDs
Your morning cup of coffee is already good, but the right creamer can make it even better. Here are the best non-dairy creamers to try.
vegan thanksgiving recipe
This Vegan Thanksgiving Sheet Pan Recipe Takes 45 Minutes to Make
Plant-based eaters, listen up! Preparing a holiday meal is easy and healthy with this recipe from Catherine Perez of Plant-Based RD.
can you eat kiwi skin
Can You Eat Kiwi Skin? Here's What You Should Know
Despite its unappetizing texture, kiwi skin is totally edible—and healthy, too. Here's what you should know before taking a bite.
pumpkin pie martini
This Pumpkin Pie Martini Is the Ultimate Seasonal Indulgence
Bring some seasonality to your cocktail hour with this vegan pumpkin pie martini recipe that's both delicious and sustainably made.
is plant based eating more expensive
Is Eating Plant-Based Really More Expensive? Toni Okamoto Says No—and Offers Budget-Friendly Tips
Learn how to eat plant-based on a budget with these tips.
best vegan restaurants nyc
10 Best Vegan Restaurants in New York City
Headed to the Big Apple? Here are the best vegan restaurants in New York City for all your plant-based cravings.
The Best Vegan Grocery List, According to a Registered Dietitian
Building a vegan grocery list is easy with help from a registered dietitian. Here's exactly what to add to your cart when you're shopping.
10 Plant-Based Meal Swaps that You’ll Love
Here's my top ten list of my favorite plant-based swaps, hope you enjoy!