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10 Plant-Based Meal Swaps that You’ll Love

Here's my top ten list of my favorite plant-based swaps, hope you enjoy!

Written by
Hannah Jones

Oftentimes, the idea of eating plant-based or vegan can be intimidating or seem unapproachable. Slowly, but surely stores are providing us with more and more options that allow us to see the accessibility in ethical and sustainable living. If and when we decide to make changes to our personal diets, it’s nice knowing there are countless products available for the food portion of our sustainability journeys. It’s also important to remember that everyone’s journey looks different, but with access to information and support from one another, we can continue to make steps towards a better planet.

Below is a list of foods that are entirely vegan and perfect swaps for meat and dairy products. All of the products included below are based on taste. Sourced differently, but equally satisfying. Throughout this article, typical meat and dairy consumers can find alternatives for their everyday meals that are more ethical and sustainable, allowing them to be more conscious consumers.

1. Oui by Yoplait

A REPLACEMENT FOR: Dairy-Based Yogurt
OUR TAKE: This yogurt is a delicious swap for your classic Chobani, Dannon, or dairy based Yoplait. While these options are enjoyable, more eco friendly and socially conscious companies do exist. For more sustainable and ethical options, I would recommend Siggi’s plant-based yogurt.

2. Beyond Beef

A REPLACEMENT FOR: Meat-Based Dishes
OUR TAKE: This product allows for creativity, whether you’re craving a scrumptious pasta dish, tacos, or burgers. It is both filling, satisfying, maybe even a little misleading or surprising. Again although it hits the spot in several different forms, a more eco-friendly and ethical option would be having Beyond Beef in moderation, and opting for products made from tempeh, tofu, or seitan.

3. Oatly

OUR TAKE: Plant-based milk is rising in popularity and among soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk, oat milk is becoming a favorite. Oat milk is easy to make at home but Oatly is a great brand you can find at the store. With delicious flavor, oat milk is perfect for coffee, cereal, smoothies, or just on its own!

4. Ben & Jerry's

A REPLACEMENT FOR: Dairy-Based Ice Cream Products
OUR TAKE: Ice cream is a common favorite for many people and Ben & Jerry’s has several creative and delicious non-dairy flavors that taste no different than regular, dairy-based ice cream. Always a perfect texture, consistency, and flavor, Ben & Jerry’s never disappoints.

5. Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans

A REPLACEMENT FOR: Refried Beans, Taco Toppings, Chip Dips
OUR TAKE: With a plant-based diet, beans are a constant favorite. Rosarita is a brand that includes vegetarian beans, as many refried beans are made with Lard. However, with this brand, it’s hard to tell the difference between refried beans that contain Lard, and these vegetarian beans that do not. These are great for burritos, tacos, nachos and any other way you like to enjoy your refried beans!

6. Jackfruit

A REPLACEMENT FOR: Meals with Meat, Chicken, Pulled Pork, and more!
OUR TAKE: Foods that are used as meat replacements can be shocking at times and jackfruit may be one of them. With its texture and how it cooks, jackfruit serves as a meat substitute commonly used as pork, beef, or chicken. Regardless of the cuisine or dish you are making, jackfruit is an easy swap for the meat portion of your meal and is equally satisfying.

7. Tofu

A REPLACEMENT FOR: Meat and Dairy foods
OUR TAKE: Tofu is something that can easily be used as a swap for several meat and dairy foods. It works great as a scramble, being crumbled up as a ricotta cheese alternative, or being pan-fried to a crisp with some sauce as a meat replacement. Tofu can take so many forms and blends well into any dish.

8. Tempeh

A REPLACEMENT FOR: Bacon, Steak, Chicken
OUR TAKE: Meat lovers are typically fans of foods like bacon or steak. Tempeh can be cooked to mimic the flavor and texture of both of those! Combined with sauces and seasonings, tempeh takes well to various flavors and can be an easy alternative to meat that can still satisfy that craving.

9. Seitan

A REPLACEMENT FOR: Chicken, Beef, and Pork
OUR TAKE: Seitan is another good swap for different meats. Especially for chicken, beef, and pork, seitan works as an awesome substitute and it’s easily accessible which allows for continuous experimentation in your favorite dishes.

10. Miyoko's Vegan Mozzarella

OUR TAKE: From mozzarella to cream cheese, Miyoko’s is a common grocery store brand that provides several plant-based cheese alternatives. These products can bake, melt, or spread just like regular cheese and the textures are always consistent with your typical dairy-based cheeses.