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Can You Eat Kiwi Skin? Here's What You Should Know

Despite its unappetizing texture, kiwi skin is totally edible—and healthy, too. Here's what you should know before taking a bite.

can you eat kiwi skin
Written by
Riley Baker
TikTok offers many things: styling suggestions, embarrassing dances, aesthetic brain breaks, and eco-minded
galore. Among the easiest (and most potentially delicious) food hacks we've seen in recent years is the consumption of entire kiwis.
Thinking about biting into a kiwi—skin and all—might seem a little off-putting. Its fuzzy texture doesn't exactly scream"eat me!" after all. While the option is both convenient and food-waste-free, the question remains: Is kiwi skin edible?

Can You Eat Kiwi Skin?

can you eat kiwi skin
As proven by the copious social snackers who have enjoyed big bites and lived to share the tale, the answer is yes, you can eat kiwi skin. In addition to saving you time on peeling (and
for utensil washing), the thin-skinned fruit comes with some major health benefits when eaten all at once.
If the fuzzy skin is your only deterrent, give it a try. There's really only one rule: Before enjoying your snack,
wash it
just like you would other fruits and vegetables. Doing so gets rid of bugs and harmful bacteria that may be lurking on the surface.
Given that more than 70 billion pounds of
food waste
ends up in landfills every year, skipping the extra steps just makes sense. Read on for some of the nutritional benefits of keeping the kiwi skin on.

The Benefits of Eating Kiwi Skin

can you eat kiwi skin
Kiwis are packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, vitamin E, folate, and more, meaning the little fruit can play a big role in your digestive and immune health. And as it turns out, when you skimp on the skin, you're missing out on a wealth of those benefits.
According to
one study
, consumption of a kiwi in its entirety increases the fiber, vitamin E, and folate contents by 50%, 32%, and 34%, respectively.
So rinse your kiwi and get noshing! Simple tricks that better human health and that of the planet make for a super sweet morsel.

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