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5 Simple Ways to Keep Apples Fresh for Longer

Learning how to keep apples fresh is easy. Use these simple tips to keep your favorite fruit around for longer.

how to keep apples fresh
Written by
Riley Baker
Apples are synonymous with autumn—and the holidays in general. From apple pie to apple cider, the classic fruit is sweet, tart, and delicious, whether spiced and baked or eaten as a raw and healthy snack. That said, we can’t help but wish that our carefully picked or selected apples would last a bit longer than they tend to.
When mealy or rotten apples are tossed, they often end up in landfills where they release greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to
global warming
. Composting food scraps is one way to decrease waste, but another is to keep your
produce fresh
Wondering how to keep your apple-a-day habit crisp and delicious? These tips and tricks will help your favorite seasonal fruit from losing its characteristic bite—at least for a bit longer. 

How to Keep Apples Fresh: 6 Techniques to Try

1. Look for Stems

With apples, starting out with a solid specimen is something of an essential. Avoid any apples with blemishes or bruises (unless you’re using them for baking, of course!) and say yes to stems. Detached stems serve as an easy entrance point for microorganisms and air, which decrease the lifespan of the fruit.

2. Store in a Cool, Dark Place (Or in the Refrigerator)

One at home, keep your apples out of warm environments and direct sunlight. Rather, store in a cool, dark place or—even better—in the refrigerator. This will ensure that apples stay crisp and delicious rather than mealy and tasteless.
To retain the maximum crunch, slide your apples into a
Veggie Saver Produce Bag
, store them in a crisper drawer, and enjoy at your leisure. 

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3. Avoid Crowding

how to keep apples fresh
A pile of apples in a large bowl may be visually appealing, but it's a sure way to encourage quickened rot. Intact apples are less likely to emit ​​ethylene gas, the substance that furthers damage to fruit skin and flesh alike—avoid putting your apples in a crowded situation where they’re likely to weigh on one another. 

4. Soak Slices in Honey Water

Have extra sliced apples from a baking project or a midday snack? Stir up a mixture of
and water in a
Stasher Bag
and let those babies soak. Honey’s preservative powers will keep the slices from browning for several hours. 

5. Freeze Them!

how to keep apples fresh
If you have the opportunity to harvest apples in bulk but want to avoid unnecessary food waste, opt to freeze your extras for future baking projects and recipes. 
Simply cut up your apples—
save the cores for juice!
—soak in a mixture of lemon, honey, and water, and freeze on a
reusable baking mat
. Once solid, move to your trusty
Stasher Bag
for a trusty apple stash. 

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