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foods you can freeze
7 Freezer-Friendly Foods That Might Surprise You
Cutting down on food waste has a lot to do with proper storage. Extend the life of some of your favorites by taking note of these surprising foods you can freeze.
can dogs eat bones
Can Dogs Eat Bones? A Veterinarian's Answer May Surprise You
Many people assume bones are safe for dogs, but a veterinarian explains the dangers of giving them to your pup.
can you eat orange peels
Can You Eat Orange Peels? The Answer May Surprise You
Can you eat orange peels? Don't toss them out; experts say the skins make a delicious, healthy, and food waste-reducing addition to many dishes.
indoor green spaces
6 Ways to Create Your Dream Indoor Green Space
Stuck inside? Cultivating an indoor green space brings the benefits and beauty of the natural world into your home.
homemade finger paint
How to Make Sustainable Homemade Finger Paint for Kids
This taste-safe homemade finger paint uses food scraps to create color. Try the DIY for a memorable and eco-friendly play day.
can dogs eat bananas
Can Dogs Eat Bananas? What to Know Before Sharing Your Leftovers
Can dogs eat bananas? Here's everything you should know before feeding your pup leftover banana food scraps.
fancy ice cubes
7 Fancy Ice Cubes to Make Without the Waste
Your drink should be just as pretty as your plate. These fancy ice cube ideas will help to elevate your beverage menu with the help of upcycled produce scraps.
shuggies pizza kayla abe
Restaurateur Kayla Abe Wants You to Eat Your Trash
Based in San Francisco, Shuggie's Trash Pie + Natural Wine uses food scraps and surplus produce to create delicious pizza—and educate customers on food waste in the process.
Use This Recipe to Turn Your Leftover Broccoli Stems Into Delicious Fritters
Here's how to make delicious broccoli fritters with leftover broccoli stems. Not only are they delicious, but they also reduce food waste.
Upcycled Food Is Becoming the Most Delicious Way to Fight Food Waste
Upcycled food is trending both in our homes and in the food industry. It reduces waste, tastes delicious, *and* betters the planet.
ShareWaste's Compost-Finding App Helps You Cut Down on Waste
Have scraps you can't compost? Try ShareWaste. The app matches you with a compost host, helping you cut down on food waste.
Don’t Toss Those Orange Peels! Here’s How to Turn Them Into a Healthy Seasoning
Here's how to turn your food scraps into a vitamin-packed orange peel powder that can be used in smoothies, marinades, and more.