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How to Make Sustainable Homemade Finger Paint for Kids

This taste-safe homemade finger paint uses food scraps to create color. Try the DIY for a memorable and eco-friendly play day.

homemade finger paint
Written by
Riley Baker
with kids
is all about coloring outside the lines—and sometimes, outside of the confines of a canvas as well. And for young children, with
motor skills
that may not be quite equipped for brushes (or for those who deem them entirely unnecessary), finger painting is perfect for arts and crafts time.
Given its hands-on nature, opting for homemade finger paint is the safest (and most sustainable!) choice.
Transforming common food items like spinach, carrots, and more allows you to create art supplies while decreasing your household food waste, all while prioritizing quality control. Mix and match colors, play around with texture, incorporate new
food scraps
, and allow your child to express themselves.
As a bonus, taste-safe finger paint allows you to lower your vigilance dial ever so slightly, the better to fully partake in playtime.

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Aside from the ingredients showcased above, options like blueberries, kale, mango, and more can be used to create a beautiful (and likely delicious) finger paint palette. Creating your colorways makes the activity even more enjoyable, providing kids with a learning experience as they help create the paint before using it.
Here, a simple homemade finger paint recipe to try today.

How to Make Natural Finger Paint

homemade finger paint
1 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp curd or yogurt
Beetroot, carrot, spinach, turmeric, or whatever food scraps you please
Note: Adjust quantities as needed for each color/ingredient. The goal is to create a paint-like consistency.
1. Add food scrap and water to a blender or food processor. Combine to create a purée.
2. Add curd or yogurt. Mix well.
3. Paint safely!