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7 Fancy Ice Cubes to Make Without the Waste

Your drink should be just as pretty as your plate. These fancy ice cube ideas will help to elevate your beverage menu with the help of upcycled produce scraps.

fancy ice cubes
Written by
Calin Van Paris
Sipping is something of an art form. And whether you favor cocktails,
, or a gussied-up glass of water, fancy ice cubes are the quickest mean of transforming a beverage into a beverage—and with the potential to
produce scraps, too.
, blooms, peels, berries—if it's semi-fresh and safely edible, it can enhance an ice cube. As the weather warms, fancy ice cubes provide ephemeral and waste-free adornments for
and parties alike, piled in glasses or pitchers to deliver color, taste, and eye-catching prettiness.
Here, seven elevated ice cubes to play up your event aesthetic—even if said event is just you and a well-crafted drink.

7 Fancy Ice Cubes to Make Without the Waste

Lavender Ice Cubes

Lavender is prolific. Once planted in your garden or planter box, the flowering plant produces seemingly endless flowers ready for use in bath bombs,
shower steamers
, baked goods, and ice cubes.
Toss a trio of lavender ice cubes into a glass of lemonade for an ultra-refreshing sip experience.

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Lemon Mint Cucumber Ice Cubes

Say hello to your new
, mint, and lemon meld for a fancy ice cube primed for enhancing a glass of water, or even running over skin for a soothing-slash-astringent effect.

Herb Ice Cubes

Have a
surplus of herbs
? Freeze them into ice cubes for use in mocktails, water, or even soups. Basil, mint, rosemary, cilantro, and more make for a delicious addition, and keep your excess edibles out of your compost or the

Wildflower Ice Cubes

Bridal and
baby showers
, birthdays, and more are even better with occasion-inspired ice cubes. Head to the nearest meadow or to your own backyard and pluck diminutive and decorative florets—just make sure they're edible!

Coffee Ice Cubes

Increase your caffeine intake (and maintain the integrity of your
cold brew
) with coffee ice cubes. While other fancy ice cubes rely on scraps and blooms, these cubes can be crafted using
leftover coffee grounds
—the better to curb your waste.

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Berry and Herb Ice Cubes

Frozen berries are delicious. Berries in ice cubes? A no-brainer. Couple with mint or rosemary for a tasty blend that doubles as a post-sip snack.

Rose Ice Cubes

may not be the most sustainable
store-bought option, but homegrown blooms are ideal for eye-catching ice cubes that embody playful romance. They're packed with skincare benefits, too, so save a tray to run over your complexion for a beautifying boost.