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Don’t Toss Those Orange Peels! Here’s How to Turn Them Into a Healthy Seasoning

Here's how to turn your food scraps into a vitamin-packed orange peel powder that can be used in smoothies, marinades, and more.

Written by
Stephanie Osmanski

Before tossing food scraps into the compost, think about all the ways you can use them. You can turn veggie peels into snack-worthy chips, use eggshells in a DIY plant fertilizer, and—in this case—churn orange peels into a vitamin-packed powder that can be used in smoothies, marinades, and beyond.

Ashley of @sciencebyashley shared the orange peel hack, and it'll quickly change the way you see your citrus. When dried and blended into a fine powder, it can be used as a delicious, vitamin-packed seasoning.

"Instead of throwing out orange peels, one thing you can do is dry them and blend them to create a powder," she shared in a video. "You can add this to your smoothies or marinades for a boost of calcium, fiber, and vitamins A and C. Or, you can use it in a face, body, or scalp scrub."

The best part about this hack, though, is how simple it is: The only ingredient required is the citrus peels. Continue reading below for Ashley's step-by-step instructions.


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How to Make Orange Peel Powder

What You’ll Need:

Orange peels
Toaster oven or conventional oven (optional)


1. Peel your oranges and slice the peels into very thin cuts. 
2. Dehydrate the orange peels in the sun. After five days, they should be ready to go. You can also use a conventional oven or toaster oven instead by baking them at 120°F for 4 to 6 hours.
3. Put the orange peels in a blender, and blend until the peels become a fine powder.
4. Store in the fridge until you're ready to use the orange peel powder.