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6 Ways to Create Your Dream Indoor Green Space

Stuck inside? Cultivating an indoor green space brings the benefits and beauty of the natural world into your home.

indoor green spaces
Written by
Riley Baker
With a well-honed indoor green space, time spent in your abode can find you appreciating—and soaking up the calming benefits of—
Nature and greenery help to
calm our nervous system
, increase our connection to the planet, and ease stress and anxiety. Plus... pretty. There are, of course, ways to go about building an indoor green space that leans sustainable, particularly in regard to
your indoor plants
—secondhand and non-plastic pots,
plant swaps
—but a selection of additions to your garden of houseplants can help make your home feel like a walled oasis, regardless of the season.
Whether you work from home or are simply riding out the winter months from the comfort of your couch, here are six ways to cultivate an indoor green space that you'll want to take root in.

6 Ways to Create an Indoor Green Space

1. Start an Indoor Garden

indoor green space
Step one: Bring your garden inside. While a portion of the year may not find you working away in your beloved beds, there are several ways to adapt that appreciation of growth and harvest to an indoor setting. Go big and invest in a vertical indoor garden system like that from
(endless produce!), or start small with a couple of herbs that thrive inside, like lavender or basil.
Want to get creative? Save food scraps like
celery stumps
green onion roots
avocado pits
romaine lettuce
, and more to regrow your fruits and veggies with just water and sunlight!

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2. Add Houseplants

Yes, we are encouraging you to feed your houseplant addition (sustainably, of course). Plants like aloe, jade, and peace lilies are eye-catching but
incredibly easy to manage,
even for those new to the wide world of indoor growing. For those in the advanced camp (or those who dream of vining and twining greens), invest in
trailing plants
designed to climb the walls.
Whatever species you choose, accessorize your parade of potted pets with
out-of-the-box planters
, and protect the surfaces of your thoughtfully curated furniture with quick-drying (and pretty)
plant coasters

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3. Incorporate Organic Materials

! Centering pieces like jute rugs, bamboo furniture, wood, and other natural materials lend to the organic nature of your living (read: thriving) indoor green space. No need to favor fast furniture, either: an understanding of your taste and aesthetic makes
sourcing secondhand pieces
a fun and easy feat.

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4. Maximize Natural Light

For maximized mood, as well as healthy plants, attention to natural light is key. Open those blinds, or opt for curtains that allow the light in. Also, pay attention to plant positioning: some of your houseplants will thrive in full sun, while
others will do well in the shade

5. Diffuse Nature-Derived Scents

indoor green space
Our sense of smell is linked to memory, so enhance your experience by making your home smell like the forests and gardens you're dreaming of. Plants like eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and more come with a strong scent, particularly when diffused throughout a space.
Looking for a craft? Incorporate your favorite natural scents into a
homemade winter candle
primed to augment your indoor green space.

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6. Utilize Outdoor Furniture

Why keep outdoor furniture outside? Typically al fresco items like hammocks and swinging chairs take on new life when installed indoors, infusing your space with comfort and whimsy, all while providing additional space to relax and enjoy your verdant kingdom.