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How to Thrift: Tips and Tricks, Straight From the Experts

Need a little guidance in the thrifting department? Three experts shared their thrifting tips to help you get the most out of your trips.

thrifting tips
Written by
Anna Shuster
Thrifting is a fun and easy way to approach your wardrobe mindfully and sustainably without sacrificing style. It's
also budget-friendly
. But when you're a beginner, heading into a secondhand store can be super daunting. That's why we had three experts share their top thrifting tips to get you started.
Thrifting requires different strategies than shopping online. Clicking around on a website is a lot easier than going through rack upon rack of clothing in person. But that's one of the best—and most rewarding—parts of thrifting: It's a challenge, and you never know what you're going to spot on.
We reached out to some thrifting pros to find out how they approach shopping at
thrift stores
. When you use their thrifting tips, you're bound to have a great experience.
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The Best Thrifting Tips, According to the Pros

Tip 1: Research and Shop Local

thrifting tips
Tyler Chanel
Thrifts and Tangles
says to start by finding fan-favorite thrift stores.
"Do a quick Yelp search or Google search to find the top-ranked thrift stores in your area," she says. "If you’re new to thrifting, these thrift stores are typically more organized and easier to navigate." By visiting a locally-owned thrift store, you're also supporting your neighbors and putting money back into your community.
We have thrifting guides for many major cities, including
Los Angeles
New York City
, and
San Francisco

Tip 2: Start a Thrift Wishlist

Trish Stitched
recommends creating a wishlist filled with inspiration from your favorite websites and fashion bloggers.
"Going thrifting for the first time can be exciting but overwhelming! Before I go thrifting, I like to create a thrift 'wishlist' with items I hope to add to my wardrobe," she says. "Check out Pinterest and your favorite fashion blogs for inspiration pieces, and look for similar styles in-store. It's also helpful to keep your inspiration photos handy while shopping, and if you find similar pieces, know that you can embellish, cut, and stitch to make your perfect piece!"

Tip 3: Become a Regular

thrifting tips
If you're often left discouraged after thrifting, you're probably just not going enough.
Dina Younis
Dina's Days
says her biggest piece of advice is becoming a regular at your local thrift stores.
"Go often. Stock changes daily—multiple times a day," she says. "But that’s not the only reason why you should go often. Going often helps you become more comfortable navigating a thrift store, too."
That's right: Thrifting is a skill. Like a muscle, you need to repeatedly work it to watch it grow. While you're there, take your time scanning through the items and you're bound to find something that catches your eye. Before you know it, you'll be going home with the
thrift finds of your dreams