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7 DIY Gifts You Can Make in Under 30 Minutes for the Holidays
DIY gifts are both special and planet-friendly. Here are some options you can make in under 30 minutes for the holidays.
diy christmas ornaments
13 DIY Christmas Ornaments That Use Materials You Already Have
You can make festive DIY Christmas ornaments for your tree using things you already have around the house. Here are 10 fun projects to try.
how to plant a pineapple top
How to Plant a Pineapple Top in 7 Simple Steps
Don't toss your leafy pineapple top! Here's how to plant a pineapple top and turn it into a cute and unique houseplant, step by step.
cat-safe houseplants
8 Cat-Safe Houseplants That Won't Raise a Whisker of Concern
Adorn your home with these non-toxic, cat-safe houseplants. Whether you yearn for a touch of the tropics or crave a whimsical atmosphere, there's a perfect pick for every space.
are candles bad for you
Are Candles Bad for Your Health? Here's What an Expert Says
Is burning your favorite candle bad for your health? Here's what you should know before lighting that wick, including how to buy better-for-you options.
sustainable living tips
7 Sustainable Living Tips That Prove Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference
When it comes to saving the planet, small daily actions add up. Avoid the eco-overwhelm with these sustainable living tips that make an impact.
how to revive wilted lettuce
Don't Toss Out Your Wilted Greens! This Trick Revives Lettuce in Minutes
Wilted greens often get tossed in the trash. Reduce food waste by using this hack that revives lettuce in minutes, making it crunchy and delicious once again.
ettitude recommerce program
ettitude’s New Recommerce Program Makes Your Bamboo Favorites Even More Eco-Friendly
This new program is giving already eco-conscious products a second, longer, and even more sustainable, life.
cob houses eco friendly
Cob Houses Are the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Homes—Here's 6 You Can Visit
Cob houses may look like they belong in a fairy tale, but the enchanting homes are real—and they're an eco-friendly alternative to traditional housing options.
indoor green spaces
6 Ways to Create Your Dream Indoor Green Space
Stuck inside? Cultivating an indoor green space brings the benefits and beauty of the natural world into your home.
are flushable wipes flushable
Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable?
Flushable wipes sound like a dream. But the unfortunate reality? Flushing them can cost you thousands in repairs and harm the environment.
natural fabric dye using food scraps and plants
How to Create Natural Fabric Dyes Using Food and Plants
Using plants, fruits, and more to create natural dye is both creative and environmentally friendly. Here's an introduction to the ancient practice.
lomi vs reencle
Lomi vs Reencle: Which Is the Best At-Home Composter?
We tested and reviewed two popular at-home composters: Pela's Lomi and the Reencle Prime. Here's what we thought!
what to do with old towels
10 Ways to Upcycle Old Towels, From Pet Toys to Bucket Hats
Wondering what to do with old towels? Rather than donating or tossing them, get creative with these 10 DIY ideas.
Yes, You Can Buy a Tiny House from Home Depot—Here’s What It’ll Cost You
Tiny homes are the next big thing! Here's how Home Depot is making the process easier than ever.
How to Fold a Fitted Sheet, Once and for All
This is the best way to fold a fitted sheet, hands down. Grab your sheet, follow along with the video and steps, and you're good to go.
11 Eco-Friendly Apartment Essentials, from Bedding to Kitchenware
Moving into your own place? Check out these eco-friendly apartment essentials, from sustainable bedding to kitchen goods.
These Eco-Friendly Upgrades Will Sell Your Home in Record Time, Says Report
According to Zillow's new report, these sustainable and eco-friendly home upgrades will sell your house in record time.
9 Hard-to-Kill Plants That Don't Require a Green Thumb
These hard-to-kill plants are sure to stay happy and healthy in your space, from monsteras to snake plants.
This Wishcloth Can Replace 17 Rolls of Paper Towels—Yes, Really!
Our Brightly-exclusive Wishcloths may look like greeting cards, but they can replace 17 rolls of paper towels.
How Often to Wash Sheets and Comforter, According to a Dermatologist
How often do you actually need to wash your sheets and comforter? Here's what a dermatologist says, and how these changes better the planet.
6 Ways to Live Sustainably Under Your Parents’ Roof
You can still live sustainably while living with your parents. Here's how.
5 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Keep in Your Kit
Looking for eco-friendly cleaning products? Here are five sustainable options to keep in your kit, from cleaning spray to detergent.
How to Shop for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products, According to a Microbiologist
Not all eco-friendly cleaning products are created equal. Here's how to know which ones to buy, and which to leave on the store shelf.