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ettitude’s New Recommerce Program Makes Your Bamboo Favorites Even More Eco-Friendly

This new program is giving already eco-conscious products a second, longer, and even more sustainable, life.

ettitude recommerce program
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Calin Van Paris
We’ll take our
with a side of sustainability, please. 
From sheets and blankets to towels and the coziest bathrobes, investing in organic fabrics is essential—and ditching cotton in favor of bamboo is a natural next step. Though preferable to synthetics, organic cotton comes with a greater environmental footprint than bamboo, requiring more land and water. Conversely,
bamboo grows rapidly
, requires 99% less water, can be harvested sans oil disturbance, and render pesticides unnecessary. 
knows all of this, which is why the brand currently centers the plant in its soft and airy fabrics. Now, ettitude is taking things to the next level with the introduction of a recommerce program that allows customers to give their already eco-conscious products a second, longer, and even more sustainable, life. Say hello to
ettitude re:new

How Does the ettitude re:new Program Work?

ettitude recommerce program
Though ettitude’s items are designed with durability in mind, the brand is a realistic one. So, should a customer change their mind about a purchased piece,
ettitude re:new
ensures that the product stays planet-friendly via a second life rather than a one-way trip to the landfill. Instead, any product returned within ettitude’s 30-night trial period is washed, cleaned, and sold through the re:new program.

ettitude re:new

Check out ettitude's
recommerce program
that's giving eco-conscious products a second, longer, and even more sustainable, life.
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In addition, ettitude re:new allows shoppers to invest in bedding, bathroom essentials, and more at discounted prices, broadening accessibility around sustainability. And, as with all brand-new pieces, ettitude donates a portion of every purchase to 1% for the Planet, a network of environmental partners working to solve the planet’s problems. Looking for a dose of super sustainable comfort? Check out
We’re longtime fans of all of ettitude’s supremely cozy offerings—which means that we have invaluable intel. Here, three fresh items we’re loving right now. 

3 of Our Self-Care Staples

Signature Sateen Sheet Set
, starting at $169

This Brightly favorite turns bedtime into an excessively comfortable affair. Dress your bed in a touchable, regenerative CleanBamboo blend for the best (and most environmentally friendly) night’s sleep of your life. 

Bamboo Waffle Bathrobe
, $99

Your routine becomes a spa session with the addition of a well-chosen bathrobe. Bamboo fabric is woven in a lightweight waffle perfect for luxurious yet breathable wear, whether you’re readying for an evening out or indulging in a weekend lounge. 

Vegan Cashmere Throw Blanke
t, $169

ettitude recommerce program
ettitude’s recently released throw blanket features a brand-new vegan cashmere blend crafted from the brand’s proprietary bamboo fibers. Choose between Oat and Graphite, all while saving 82% CO2 and 71% water when compared to regular cashmere.