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7 Sustainable Bedroom Swaps That Reduce Waste While Keeping You Cozy

On a mission to make your bedroom a more sustainable space? From eco-friendly sheets to organic mattresses, these swaps will help.

eco-friendly bedroom swaps
Written by
Riley Baker
Our bedrooms are a safe space—where we go to rest, recharge, and get as comfortable as humanly possible. But why not factor the planet into the comfort equation?
While traditional, non-organic
is often a default choice for sheets, blankets, and beyond, the option (while a natural fiber) it's not the most sustainable. In fact,
more than 99% of cotton
uses fertilizers and genetically modified seeds, and cotton grown in warm climates (often a requisite) can require up to 20,000 liters of water to produce a single kilogram.
Fortunately, transforming your chambers into a more eco-friendly oasis is as simple as trading in your textiles. Once you swap wasteful and less-than-ethical materials for more thoughtful fabrics, you (and your little ones) will be sleeping more soundly than ever before.

7 Eco-Friendly Bedroom Swaps to Try

1. Bamboo Sheets Instead of Traditional Cotton Sheets

sheets aren't just a more sustainable option, they're also touchable. This option has a Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certification and helps with temperature regulation. Deep sleep: activated.

2. Organic Cotton Comforter Instead of Traditional Cotton Comforter

Compared to traditional cotton, organic cotton eliminates the need for excess water (91% less, in fact!), reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 46%, and reduces pollution to waterways by 26%. There are also no harmful chemicals in sight. A far cry from traditional cotton, as cotton represents about 10% of pesticides and 25% of
used globally.
By choosing this GOTS-certified option from Pact, you're saving 326 gallons of water. Pact is also carbon neutral, offsetting the carbon footprint of its supply chain, and partners with Fair Trade factories to ensure safe working conditions.

3. Eco-Crafted Furniture Instead of Fast Furniture

If you think fast fashion is a problem, wait until you hear about
fast furniture
. Just as you'd expect, a lot of bedroom furniture you'll find online and in-store is cheaply made from unsustainable materials. Once it breaks, it's sent to a landfill.
Choose bedroom furniture that will last for years to come. This option from Avocado is made from natural sturdy timber and assembled with eco-conscious materials. Or, visit your nearest thrift or antique store to buy
secondhand furniture

4. Alternative Down Bedding Instead of Traditional Down Bedding

eco-friendly bedroom swaps
You don't need feathers for maximum fluffiness. Though down is generally a
low-impact material
, the feathers are plucked from the chests of ducks and geese—a reality that may not sit well on some sleepless nights.
Channel the all-wrapped-up nature of a soft and comfy comforter with alternative down. The eco-friendly filling is lightweight and clump-free.

5. Organic Mattress Instead of Traditional Mattress

sustainable bedroom
Our Pick:
Avocado Green Mattress
, $1,399
Traditional mattresses contain
chemicals and flame retardants
, which have been
linked to
health issues like impaired memory function, cancer, and reproductive problems.
If you're due for a new mattress,
make it organic
. This option from Avocado features certified organic latex, GOTS-certified organic wool, and GOTS-certified organic cotton.

6. Eco Mattress Protection Instead of Synthetic Mattress Protection

eco-friendly bedroom swaps
Your baby deserves synthetic-free sleep, too! A crib mattress protector crafted of organic bamboo and water-resistant TPU lining keeps your child's bedstuff at top quality, all while allowing for breathability and thermoregulation for maximum comfort.

7. Bamboo Bathrobe Instead of Traditional Cotton Bathrobe

eco-friendly bedroom swaps
It's easy to love bamboo. The material requires minimal water and requires less land to cultivate when compared to traditional cotton. Transform your bedroom into a vacation-like space with this lightweight (and supremely soft) bathrobe—the better to lounge in your new sheets.