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Don't Toss Out Your Wilted Greens! This Trick Revives Lettuce in Minutes

Wilted greens often get tossed in the trash. Reduce food waste by using this hack that revives lettuce in minutes, making it crunchy and delicious once again.

how to revive wilted lettuce
Written by
Riley Baker
Have you ever opened your fridge, only to find sad, droopy lettuce staring back at you? It's a disheartening sight and often leads to
tossing it in the trash
. But before you give up on your wilted greens, there's a simple hack that can bring them back to life.
Let's be real,
food waste
is a huge problem. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), landfills receive more than 70 billion pounds of food waste annually. While that's a staggering statistic, the good news is we can all do our part to reduce it. By learning how to revive wilted lettuce, we can help keep perfectly-good food out of the trash and on our plates.
So, how exactly do you revive wilted lettuce? Here's how to make your greens perky again.

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How to Revive Wilted Lettuce

how to revive wilted lettuce
The easiest way to revive wilted lettuce is to give it an ice bath. Doing so quickly rehydrates the greens, and all it takes is a couple of minutes.
1. Fill a bowl with water and add a couple of handfuls of ice cubes.
2. Submerge the lettuce leaves in the ice-cold water and allow them to soak for 15-30 minutes.
3. Once they're nice and crispy again, remove, shake off the excess water, and dry with a
reusable paper towel
4. Use the leftover water to
water your plants
or garden, and store your newly-revived greens in a
reusable container
Finally, give yourself a pat on the back because taking the time to revive your wilted lettuce benefits your health, your wallet, and the planet. In the future, skip this process by keeping your greens fresh for longer using
these simple tricks