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how to get sap out of clothes
Here's Exactly How to Remove Tree Sap from Clothing
Loving on trees can mean dealing with sap or resin stains. Learn how to get sap out of clothes like a pro.
how to clean stove top
How to Clean a Stove Top: Your Step-by-Step Guide
Learn how to clean your stove top, be it electric or ceramic glass, to ensure the appliance stays in use (and out of landfills) for longer.
Dishwasher vs Hand Washing: Which Is Better for the Planet?
In the dishwasher vs hand washing battle, which is better for the planet? Here's the most eco-friendly way to do your dishes.
sustainable pet grooming
5 Sustainable Pet Grooming Tips, Straight From the Pros
The pet grooming industry is booming—and taking sustainability into account. Here's how to make your at-home pet care routine more eco-friendly.
how to clean shoes
How to Clean Shoes: A Guide to Cleaning Leather, Cloth, and More
Whether you want to sanitize thrifted shoes or clean suede, cloth, or leather shoes you already own, here's how to clean shoes like a pro.
sustainable spring cleaning
5 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning More Sustainable
Spring cleaning is great—mindful spring cleaning is better. Here's how to make your annual declutter a planet-friendly task.
diy swiffer pads
3 Ways to Make Your Own Reusable Swiffer Pads
Swiffer's cleaning products are convenient but inherently unsustainable. Here are three simple ways to make your own DIY Swiffer pads to keep your routine eco-friendly.
how to remove sweat stains
How to Remove Sweat Stains From Clothes
Don't toss that tee! This trick will help you remove sweat stains from your clothing so you can salvage your favorite whites and lights.
How to Clean Faux Leather in 4 Simple Steps
Looking to lengthen the lifespan (and improve the appearance) of your vegan leather items? Read on to learn how to clean faux leather.
3 Ways to Remove Wine Stains That Work Like a Charm
These eco-friendly products and methods will help you remove wine stains fast—so you can get back to sipping.
5 Ways to Use Leftover Pickle Juice, From Cleaning to Plant Care
Have leftover pickle juice from this 2022's favorite snack? Here are five reasons to save and reuse your pickle juice.
When to Replace a Kitchen Sponge, According to a Germ Expert
When should you throw out your kitchen sponge? Learn when it's time to switch out—or sanitize—your bacteria-laden helper.
How to Clean Stainless Steel Pans So They Look Brand New Again
Learning how to clean stainless steel pans won't just save you money—it also benefits the environment. Here's everything you'll need.
This DIY Cleaner Will Keep Your Makeup Brushes Around for Years
Are you cleaning your makeup brushes once a week? Use this two-ingredient DIY brush cleaner that makes the job easier than ever.
Which Eco-Friendly Cleaning Ingredients Are the Most Effective? A Microbiologist Shares His Top 3 Picks
Do all-natural, DIY cleaning ingredients like lemon, baking soda, and vinegar work? A microbiologist weighs in and shares his top picks.
This Eco-Friendly Brand Will Help You Clean Your Entire Home
Cleaning products that are good for you and the Earth? Tell me more!
Cleancult Review + Discount: We Tried Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
This Cleancult review gives you the scoop on the brand's eco-friendly cleaning products. Plus, a Cleancult discount code to use!
5 Easy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Swaps Anyone Can Do Today
Here are 5 easy tips to help you get started in making simple eco-friendly cleaning swaps in your home.