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Cleancult Review + Discount: We Tried Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

This Cleancult review gives you the scoop on the brand's eco-friendly cleaning products. Plus, a Cleancult discount code to use!

Written by
Brightly Staff
Anyone else have a kitchen cabinet overflowing with cleaning products (most of which are packaged in
single-use plastic
?) Us, too. Unfortunately,
91 percent of plastic
 doesn’t get recycled. Instead it heads straight to the landfill, or ends up in our parks or oceans where it can take up to
100 years to degrade
wants to help us clean up our act. The vegan cleaning product company that makes everything from laundry detergent to hand soap has
ditched single-use plastic
. Instead, they've opted for recyclable cartons and refillable glass bottles. In fact, the brand says that by switching to Cleancult products, you can eliminate
44 pounds of plastic per year
But it's not just the
planet-friendly packaging
that's got eco-enthusiasts excited. What's inside is also impressive. Cleancult's plant-based formulas are comprised of coconuts and other biodegradable elements, resulting in effective products that are tough on grime but gentle on your skin and the planet.
Naturally, we had to have our community members try it out. Continue reading below for our Cleancult review to see what they thought!
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(Disclaimer: We did not pay any of our Scouts to review these products, but they did receive the products for free. 
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Cleancult Review: What Our Scouts Thought

"One thing that really stood out to me was the short, natural ingredient list powered by plants and how incredibly concentrated the non-toxic formulas were. A little bit of liquid hand soap, dish soap, and laundry detergent went a long way. The formulas aren’t watered down and I can go a long time between refills. The liquid hand soap left my hands feeling soft and moisturized instead of stripping them or drying them out. I’m also pretty sensitive to smells, meaning that I’ll get an immediate headache if a smell is too strong. The scents of Cleancult’s products are light, fresh, and not overpowering. They smell amazing!" —Robyn Jost-Saylor
"I love the smell of the classic scent. They have their own recycling program where if your neighborhood doesn’t have the proper facilities, they will recycle all the cartons for you, which I really appreciate! They are made to last, which is really the best part. I don’t really love the color of the original scent—I would like it better if it were clear. It’s also a little pricier as a bundle, so I could see why others wouldn’t go for that." —Madison Mathis
"I love how subtle the scent is. Using Cleancult helped give me a deeper understanding of their coconut-powered CocoClean technology and ingredients. I find it so cool that coconuts can be used for other things, rather than just being consumed. The only thing I disliked was that the refillable bottle for the laundry detergent was leaking a little bit. Other than that, everything else was good!" —Rubilyn Loanzon
"The product that stood out most to me was the liquid laundry detergent. This is a High-Efficiency detergent and it paired well with my High-Efficiency washer, which meant I was able to use less product for the most efficient clean, adding to its sustainability. I loved the scent I received: Sea Spray & Aloe. The detergent really refreshed my clothes to feel cleaner-clean." —Callie Alfieri
"I loved the scents—especially the bamboo and lily bar soap! I also liked the plastic-free packaging and how they will recycle the empty cartridges for me. It makes it so easy! This isn’t exactly a dislike, but I wasn’t a fan of the dryer balls scent. I’m sure others like it—it’s just that I have always loved the smell of dryer sheets, so it was a change from what I expected." —Amber Maurer
"The cleaning power of it is just as good as regular cleaners, but smells 10x better than the chemical ones. It’s also so convenient that they offer refills as well as a recycle back program if cartons aren’t accepted at my local recycling centers. I also enjoy the fact that everything is plant-based. I don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals affecting my household (and my skin, for that matter). I would recommend Clean Cult to anyone who is looking for a one-stop shop for cleaning products that are responsibly made." —Marissa Ochoa
"I love how they’re made with natural ingredients, smell good, and that they work how they’re supposed to while being eco-friendly. I think adding a funnel to the bundle would be nice because pouring the products into the bottles got a little messy." —Hannah Jones
"The wool dryer balls make much less of a mess and are much easier to use than regular dryer sheets. The liquid products have stronger scents than the other products in the space. Everything worked well and was super easy to use. I didn’t love the all-purpose cleaner, due to the fact that it was soapy and left marks on my windows when I wiped it down. It’s good for basic clean-up, and it worked well when wiping down my desk, but for deep cleaning, it’s not very effective. It also has too strong of a scent for my liking. The laundry detergent is a little leaky at times, but nothing extreme." —Shayna Demick
"The cleaning products smelled wonderful and they came in recyclable containers. I loved how the cleaning products didn’t have any toxic smells, however the soaps smelled good but dried my skin out." —Ciara Fitts
"Most of these products were very comparable to traditional cleaning products. For me personally, the smell of the grapefruit basil products was too strong. I also didn’t like the dish soap dispenser, so I added the refill to an old dish soap bottle I had from a past purchase." —Giulia Lallas