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This Eco-Friendly Brand Will Help You Clean Your Entire Home

Cleaning products that are good for you and the Earth? Tell me more!

Written by
Morgan Cook

There's something so satisfying about a squeaky clean home. But what's unsatisfying is the amount of harsh chemicals and wrapped-in-plastic cleaning products we have to use to achieve that spotless shine.

According to the FDA, many cleaning products contain surfactants that biodegrade slowly or biodegrade into more toxic, persistent, chemicals that threaten aquatic life. In addition, volatile organic compounds (VOC) in cleaning products can affect indoor air quality and contribute to smog formation. Add to that the fact that most cleaning products are packaged in single-use plastic, and all of a sudden your cleaning routine doesn't feel so, well, clean.

Enter, Cleancult. The vegan cleaning product company that makes everything from laundry detergent to hand soap makes use of a unique plant-based formula powered by coconuts. That's right: Cleancult uses coconuts by harnessing their natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties, resulting in effective products that are tough on grime but gentle on your skin and the planet. The best part is, it's not all hype—these formulas actually work. (Just ask our Scouts!)

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But now that we've talked about what's on the inside, let's discuss what's on the outside. Or rather what's not on the outside: plastic. Cleancult has ditched single-use plastic. Instead, they’ve opted for recyclable cartons and refillable glass bottles. In fact, the brand says that by switching to Cleancult products, you can eliminate 44 pounds of plastic per year. That's a win in our book, since 91 percent of plastic doesn’t get recycled.

So how does this "no plastic" concept work? Well, you start off by purchasing refillable glass bottles to pour your Cleancult cleaning solutions into. (Of course you can also use your own glass bottles, if you already have some that are suitable.) The cleaning solution refills come in 100 percent recyclable packaging, so when you're done, you can recycle the cartons or send them back to Cleancult where they'll take care of recycling them for you. Also, the shipments are carbon neutral, making the process painless for you and the Earth.

If we've got you daydreaming about cleaning your kitchen counters, then head over to Cleancult's website to check out the products for yourself. (And remember to use our Cleancult discount code! By using BRIGHTLY at checkout, you'll get 30% off for your first order.)

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