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5 Sustainable Pet Grooming Tips, Straight From the Pros

The pet grooming industry is booming—and taking sustainability into account. Here's how to make your at-home pet care routine more eco-friendly.

sustainable pet grooming
Written by
Riley Baker
We do a lot for our pets. We walk them,
clean up after them
, pet them, make up silly songs, divulge our innermost thoughts—and, of course, maintain their outward aesthetics. And considering that a
growing number of young people
prefer the prospect of a pet to that of child, it's no surprise that the pet grooming industry is booming,
expected to grow by 54%
in the next six years.
And as with most modern industries, the pet primping business is starting to take sustainability into account.
"I think the benchmark of using a cheap concentrated liquid in grooming salons is gradually losing appeal amongst consumers," says Louise Knight, who handles marketing and communications at
. "Professional pet groomers will new product ranges that deliver what their customers are looking for without compromising on a quality groom."
This want of safe, eco-friendly service extends to home treatments, too. Fortunately, brands are stepping up to meet the needs of more conscious consumers.

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"Today's pet parents are much more aware and educated about the effects that their pet and the
pet products
they choose have on the planet," says Amy Johnson of petcare brand
. "At the same time, there is always room for improvement, and one of the opportunities we see is for brands and companies to continue their investment in sustainability beyond a single product line or marketing campaign in some cases to make it a deeply ingrained part of their mission and culture."
Looking to embrace a more mindful cleaning regimen for your furry friend? Here, five pet grooming tips to incorporate into your four-legged's routine.

5 Sustainable Pet Grooming Tips to Keep Your Routine Clean

sustainable pet grooming

1. Prioritize Natural Ingredients

Keeping formulas as clean and natural as possible is your best bet for a safe and sustainable grooming session—but, as always, be aware of
"Pet owners who are curious and educated as to what ingredients actually mean and how they are grown or harvested will be able to make truly sustainable decisions," says Knight.

2. Look For Recyclable Packaging

As with the human beauty industry, the pet grooming space is taking the environment into account with a lean toward thoughtful,
eco-friendly packaging
. Look for
shampoo bars
versus bottled options, or options you can recycle.

3. Always Go Cruelty-Free!

This may be an obvious one, but investing in products that are vegan and cruelty-free makes the most sense for the planet and your pet.

4. Ask Questions

If your opting for professional pet beautification, be sure to do your due diligence. Ask about products, process, and more—a worthy service will be more than happy to keep you informed.

5. Champion Small Businesses

From transparency to thoughtful product selection, small or family-owned groomers often provide more sustainable sessions.
"If you ever have a choice between a big corporate brand and a small business, I recommend the small business very highly in terms of really wanting to deliver a meaningful and positive customer experience for you and your dog," says Knight.