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College Bound? These 7 Products Make Dorm Life More Sustainable

Even busy college students can be a little more eco-friendly with these sustainable dorm essentials.

Written by
Kristine Nguyen

It's almost August, which means back-to-school season is right around the corner. If you're heading back to college this fall, chances are you're starting to scramble to figure out what to pack—including apartment or dorm essentials.

Whether you're shopping for clothes or creative storage solutions, it feels like there isn't much time to think about how to be sustainable. But, even in between all those late nights studying and club meetings you'll be attending, there are some easy ways to live more sustainably as a full-time college student.

From beeswax wraps to sustainable towels, these dorm essentials make college life more eco-friendly.

7 Eco-Friendly Dorm Essentials

If you haven't jumped on the beeswax bandwagon yet, now's the time. This sustainable and stylish alternative to plastic wrap is great for covering leftovers, bread, fruit, and more. There's another bonus, too: Both the wraps and packaging are 100 percent biodegradable.

Whether you're slurping noodles in your dorm room or heading to the cafeteria for a quick bite, you'll be glad to have a set of reusable utensils on hand. This option is super durable, so you can toss it right in your backpack without worrying that anything will break.

Are you really a college student if you're not carrying your reusable water bottle around campus at all times? S'well's bottles feature triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction to keep your beverages cool or hot all day long. In between study sessions in the library or long, hot walks to your dorm, you'll thank yourself for keeping it on hand.

Say goodbye to plastic baggies and hello to this fun option that does the planet good. The endlessly reusable, non-toxic silicone storage bags can be used for food, travel, and beyond. You can even use them to make some waste-free popcorn in the microwave.

If you're looking for a new set of towels for your dorm, consider this sustainable option. The towels are ethically made in Turkey with GOTS Certified cotton. With how plush and soft they are, they'll even make trips to the dorm bathrooms a more luxurious experience.

Did you know food doesn't break down in landfills? Instead of tossing scraps in the trash and sending them to a landfill where they won't break down, drop 'em in this countertop-worthy compost bin. It's made from biodegradable bamboo fiber, has a spot for a charcoal filter (no smells here!), and is super compact.

You can keep your dorm room clean, and be sustainable while doing it, with Blueland's Cleaning Essentials. This kit comes with a foaming hand soap, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and a glass and mirror cleaner to help you tackle germs in just about every part of your room. Plus, it comes with reusable bottles and uses plastic-free refills, so you'll never have to throw away another plastic spray bottle again.