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Kraft’s New Vegan Mac and Cheese—Plus 5 Other Companies Making Eco-Moves

As we say goodbye to Plastic Free July, here are some big companies that made sustainable moves this month.

Written by
Kristine Nguyen

Every month, we're showcasing big companies that are making moves toward sustainability. Because when they start to make changes, others follow suit.

This July was full of eco-friendly news and initiatives. People around the world participated in Plastic Free July, and a multitude of big corporations announced their own achievements on the sustainability front. From shoes made of recycled materials to Kraft's vegan mac and cheese, here are a handful of companies that worked toward a greener future this month.

6 Companies That Made Eco Moves This Month

1. Kraft

Everyone's favorite boxed macaroni and cheese officially has a vegan version available! Unfortunately, for the time being, you can only get it in the Land Down Under.

Kraft recently launched the plant-based version of its classic instant pasta in grocery stores in Australia. This new mac is certified vegan, with pasta made from rice flour and a new dairy-free sauce. The instructions even recommend using soy milk instead of the cow's milk on the original packaging.

2. Louis Vuitton

Okay, okay, enough drooling from the Kraft news. Now, onto fashion. From Adidas' collab with Allbirds to Gucci's wood pulp sneaker, a lot of brands have been introducing more sustainable shoes the past couple months. This month, it's Louis Vuitton's time to shine.

The brand's new unisex sneaker, Charlie, comes in low and high-top styles and is made up of 90 percent recycled and bio-sourced materials. The sole of the shoe is made with 94 percent recycled rubber, while the upper is crafted with recycled polyester and a layer of Biopolioli—a corn-based plastic. Even the laces, which are made with ECONYL (recycled nylon), are more eco-friendly.

3. Crocs

Louis Vuitton isn't the only brand working on being more sustainable. Crocs recently announced it's committed to becoming a net zero company by 2030, and it's working to get there in a big way. First, by pledging to go completely vegan by the end of 2021.

The brand plans to do this by eliminating the use of leather and other animal products from their shoes. It's even working toward developing a more sustainable, bio-based material for future products.

4. Madewell

Shopping for high quality, secondhand jeans just got a lot easier. Madewell is teaming up with thredUP to start a new program called Madewell Forever to expand upon its current denim trade-in and recycling program.

For the very first time, shoppers can recycle denim and purchase secondhand Madewell denim online and in stores. ThredUP evaluates the product quality, and both brands decide what to sell in stores and online on thredUP's website.

5. United Airlines

As part of its plan to reduce greenhouse emissions by 100 percent by 2050, United Airlines just announced it's investing in Swedish electric aircraft startup, Heart Aerospace. The airliner also agreed to purchasing 100 ES-19 electric planes once they meet United's safety, business, and operating standards. By utilizing electric planes, United says it hopes to make shorter, regional flights more eco-friendly.

6. Chobani

A couple months ago, Chobani made a huge step toward being more sustainable by collaborating with Fair Trade USA to launch a new certification for U.S. dairy. This month, Chobani filed for an IPO.

This isn't only a huge win for the company, but it could also signify a brighter future for other environmentally-conscious companies. With a demand for more sustainable brands on the rise, more big companies may begin making more changes themselves to appeal to investors.

Louis Vuitton, Kraft, and United? This month didn't disappoint. To read about the sustainable moves companies made in June, click here.

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