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Crocs Announces Plans to Become a Net Zero Company by 2030

Crocs is making some big changes in order to become a net zero company by 2030, including going 100% vegan.

Written by
Briana Dodson

Crocs—a brand that's just as appealing to Gen Z as it is to their dads—is taking a big step in its sustainability journey. It recently announced its commitment to becoming a net zero company by 2030 and is making a number of planet-friendly changes to get there.

Right now, Crocs are made from Croslite—a "proprietary closed cell resin material that's neither plastic or rubber." In an effort to reduce its environmental footprint, the company will be switching to more sustainable materials to craft the shoes.

Part of that is going 100 percent vegan by the end of 2021, and eliminating leather and other animal products completely from its product line. It also involves finalizing a way to develop a more sustainable, bio-based Croslite material.

The brand is also focusing in on its resource use. Currently, 45 percent of all Croslite material production scraps are recycled. In 2020 alone, the company also saved 90,000 pairs of Crocs from landfills and donated over 860,000 thousand pairs to those in need.

Crocs is also transitioning to renewably-sourced energy in both distribution centers and its main offices. More sustainable packaging has become a focus, too. 85 percent of all Crocs were sold without boxes in 2020, and the brand is exploring other ways to cut down on package waste in the future.

It's exciting to see big brands like this taking steps toward a brighter future. Sustainability meets comfort is always something we can get behind.

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