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How to Make Stasher Bag Popcorn in Minutes

Did you know you can make low-waste popcorn in your reusable Stasher bag? Here's your step-by-step guide to Stasher bag popcorn.

Written by
Kristine Nguyen

Say goodbye to disposable popcorn bags wrapped in plastic and hello to low-waste Stasher bag popcorn.

Remy Morimoto Park, the content creator behind the ultra-popular Instagram account @veggiekins, recently shared her genius hack for making low-waste popcorn. And it completely blew her followers' minds. (TBH... ours, too.) Instead of going the traditional route and making popcorn on the stove, just add some popcorn kernels and oil to your Stasher bag and pop it in the microwave.

"I love this method because you can toss seasonings into the bag after popping and take the whole bag to-go, or take it unpopped to school or work," Park says. "You get an air-popped result—no oil needed."

Aside from being delicious, this hack is also great for the environment. Instead of buying microwavable packs of popcorn at the grocery story, you can buy kernels in bulk. (More affordably, at that.) So whether you're prepping for movie night or simply want a quick and easy snack, here's Park's step-by-step guide to making Stasher bag popcorn in minutes.

How to Make Stasher Bag Popcorn

What You'll Need:

Popcorn kernels
Seasonings of choice
Reusable Stasher bag


1. Add your kernels and seasonings to the Stasher bag.
2. Put the bag in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Once the popping begins to slow down, remove it from the microwave.
3. Let it cool and enjoy!