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All the Times Carrie Bradshaw Recycled Her Wardrobe in the 'Sex and the City' Reboot

Yep, even Carrie Bradshaw recycles her wardrobe! Here are all the times she re-wore pieces from the past in the Sex and the City reboot.

Written by
Angelica Pizza

So many of the world's favorite fashion trends are inspired by iconic characters and celebrities in the spotlight.

From Lady Gaga's couture gowns to Rachel Green's timeless 90s look, TV, movies, and red carpets tell us what fashion is all about. Now, take Carrie Bradshaw—the protagonist in HBO's Sex and the City, and the reboot And Just Like That.

Since 1998, Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, has been a trendsetter and fashion phenomenon. And now that the SATC reboot has aired on HBO Max, her looks are back and better than ever—with some fashion pieces recycled from previous episodes in the original series.

Public perception of fashion is changing. Slowly (but surely), we're moving away from fast fashion consumption and entering a more sustainable fashion era. Take the 2021 Oscars, for example; we saw outfit repeats and sustainably made gowns. Could this be the future of fashion?

Check out how Carrie Bradshaw is still making waves with her (recycled) fashion choices in And Just Like That. And read about why her sustainable wardrobe choices matter below.

Carrie Bradshaw's Recycled Wardrobe

And Just Like That Season 1, Episode 1: "Hello It's Me"

Does that flower brooch look familiar to you? You may recognize it from the SATC reboot's first episode, but it was originally worn in Sex and the City season 3 episode 2, "Politically Erect."

The first time we saw Bradshaw strutting the brooch, it was attached to a fur coat. This time, she wears it with a cream blazer and matches it to a familiar pair of blue heels.

In "Hello It's Me," Bradshaw also wears the same blue satin Manolos she famously wore in Sex and the City (2008) when she married Mr. Big. Although her look has gotten more polished since the original series, Bradshaw's fashion statements remain iconic!

And Just Like That Season 1, Episode 3: "When In Rome..."

Bradshaw's closet is known for being bold. And in the third episode of the SATC reboot, she models an eye-catching frilly pink dress. But the dress isn't the recycled component to this ensemble. It's the studded black leather belt.

The belt was first seen in the 2008 film when Bradshaw originally paired it with a green floral dress and a matching overcoat. The belt snuck its way into the reboot, and it looks just as great as it did 14 years ago.

Another recycled accessory featured in "When In Rome..." is Bradshaw's iconic purple Fendi baguette. The sequin bag was a staple in the original Sex and the City series, seen in the third season's episode titled, "What Goes Around Comes Around."

Bradshaw was famously mugged in the episode, telling the person who wanted her purse that it isn't just a bag, but a baguette. But now, the famous baguette is back!

Not only is Bradshaw re-wearing some of her favorite accessories, but most of her new looks are inspired by the original series. A major win for the fans! We're still waiting to hear if And Just Like That will get a second season, but if it does, we're looking forward to more iconic, recycled Carrie Bradshaw looks.

What We Can Learn from Bradshaw's Recycled Looks

If there's one thing we can learn about Bradshaw's recycled fashion choices, it's that it's totally cool to re-wear clothes and accessories!

The fast fashion industry teaches us to always buy new, but this creates wasteful habits and unsustainable practices, such as sending old textiles to landfills or returning items we change our minds about. But with a rise in thrift store popularity and buying secondhand clothes, it's true that the newest trends are actually vintage looks. So why not go shopping in your own closet for your next eye-catching look?

Instead of buying new, take notes from Carrie Bradshaw's book of fashion. Mix and match old pieces to create a new ensemble—without buying a completely new wardrobe.