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6 Bookstores That Let You Shop for Secondhand Options Online

Order used books sustainably—from classics to bestsellers—from the comfort of your home!

Written by
Kristine Nguyen

When it comes to reading, the right book can transport you to a whole new world. But while we're busy flipping pages and escaping to far-off lands, it's important that we don't forget about the one we currently live in.

Shopping for used books is an amazing, eco-friendly way to collect your own physical copies without harming the planet. Aside from the lower carbon footprint, there's a multitude of reasons to love pre-owned books.

The options at used bookstores are often less expensive than anything brand-new, they have that amazing old book smell, and there's something charming and mysterious about books that already have another story behind them.

If you've been searching for eco-friendly reads, look no further. If there are no used bookstores in your area, you can shop these online options from the comfort of your home.

Used Bookstores You Can Shop Online

Better World Books is on a mission to fund literacy and rescue books from landfills. It has reused and recycled over 300 million books, and has also raised over 28 million dollars for literacy and libraries. Every time you purchase a book from the website, a book is donated to someone in need.

ThriftBooks is the world's largest online independent used bookseller. They sell thousands of used books—from bestsellers to more obscure titles—which saves them from landfills. ThriftBooks also recycles books that are too damaged to sell, resulting in millions of pounds of books being recycled every year.

3. Biblio

Biblio believes a book that has been owned and cherished only adds to its value, and we have to agree. The website was inspired by a love of books and gives local bookstores global reach. They're also the first and only "green" book marketplace, providing free carbon-neutral shipping with every purchase.

Powell's Books is an independent bookseller that's been serving Portland, Oregon, since 1971. Now, it reaches readers around the world! They have both new and used books available for purchase, and carry a vast selection of secondhand versions of even the most popular of books.

If you're looking for a rare title, first editions, or even signed copies from your favorite author, this website's got it all. AbeBooks offers millions of books (along with other fine art and collectibles) from trusted independent sellers.

Every book nerd in New York City loves The Strand. The in-store shop has 18 miles of books to look through, and you can also scroll the section online.

While you'll see plenty of new options, the famous bookstore also sells used versions. When selecting your book of choice, you'll see the option to buy it used before buying new whenever a secondhand option is available.