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5 Sustainable Fashion Moments at the Oscars

Awards shows aren't known for being sustainable. But at this year's Oscars, there were five moments Mother Earth would be proud of.

Written by
Tehrene Firman

Award shows are known for the glamour—not the sustainability. But as more and more people make the shift toward eco-friendly living, the red carpet is becoming a little greener, too.

Typically, celebrities stroll down the carpet in some of the world's most expensive clothing made by brands that don't always have sustainability in mind. We're talkin' couture gowns made from luxe materials, and jewels that are worth millions of dollars. This year, some of the attendees decided to take a more planet-friendly approach to their looks.

Here are a handful of the most sustainable fashion moments at the Oscars, from Chloé Zhao's sustainable dress and sneaker combo to Amanda Seyfried's sustainably-sourced jewelry.

5 Sustainable Fashion Moments at the Oscars

1. Chloé Zhao Wore a Sustainably-Made Dress and Sneakers

Chloé Zhao deserves all the applause. On top of being the first woman of color to win Best Director, she accepted the well-deserved award in a stunning dress and white sneakers. (Aka the epitome of cool.)

The dress is from Hermès—a French luxury brand that has a focus on sustainability. It has carefully-crafted items made by artisans, reduces and recycles offcuts, is starting to use renewable energy, and abides by multiple supply chain code of conducts, including Global Compact.

2. Joaquin Phoenix Was a Proud Outfit Repeater

Joaquin Phoenix is very vocal about sustainability, and this awards show was no exception. The Oscars marks the sixth time he's worn his Stella McCartney tuxedo. Talk about a pro outfit repeater—something we're all for.

3. Amanda Seyfried, Viola Davis, and Regina King Wore Responsibly-Sourced Diamonds

It's not uncommon to see a celebrity walk down the red carpet in diamonds. This year, Amanda Seyfried, Viola Davis, and Regina King switched things up by wearing responsibly-sourced options from Forevermark.

"For me, sustainability is as important as the design of the jewelry," Elizabeth Stewart, Seyfried's stylist, told InStyle. "Working with natural diamonds from Forevermark that are both beautiful and responsibly sourced is the dream scenario."

4. Marlee Matlin Wore a Stunning Sustainable Gown

Marlee Matlin, an actress, author, and deaf activist, wore a custom-made sustainable gown from Vivienne Westwood at this year's show. Representing Red Carpet Green Dress, a female-led organization that's driving change in the fashion industry, the embellished gown was made with TENCEL.

5. Eco-Friendly Sneakers and Loungewear Were in the Swag Bags

The gifts bags given to nominees are known for being super luxe. This year, they included eco-friendly sneakers from LOCI (which are made from repurposed materials), Cozy Earth loungewear (made from sustainably-sourced silk and bamboo), and even vegan bath bombs.