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How to Style a Jean Jacket in 2023: 4 Easy Ideas to Try

Here's how to style a jean jacket—everyone's favorite wardrobe staple—in 2023. Plus some eco-friendly options to shop.

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Andrea Hill

Fewer fashion staples are more iconic to American culture than the—*drumroll please*—jean jacket. Whether for a chilly summer night or a brisk fall morning, throwing on a denim jacket over your favorite outfit is an instant elevation.

With many modern fashion labels prioritizing sustainability, there are plenty of options for adding eco-chic jean jackets into your wardrobe rotation, all while reducing your carbon footprint. But, before we get into styling tips, it's important to reiterate why sustainable denim is worth the investment.

Fashion is a wasteful industry in general, and denim has a pretty sizable water footprint (nearly 10,000 gallons per pair, to be precise). So choosing a sustainable brand is good for present impact (fewer resources used) and longevity. When it comes to denim—if properly cared for—you're investing in a lifetime's-worth of wear.

"We're seeing that consumers are realizing that they can disconnect from the habit of buying when each season or collection lands in store, and can thus align their decision on factors such as durability, the sustainability commitments brands have made, and their alignment with a company’s values,” a Levi Strauss spokesperson told Sourcing Journal. (Levi's released a public report noting that the brand is working to reduce its water use in manufacturing by 50% by 2025.)

Fortunately, many other denim brands are going a similar route. Read on to learn how to style a jean jacket—and shop our handpicked curation of sustainable options.

How to Style a Jean Jacket: 4 Must-Try Looks

1. Classic White Tee, Jeans, and Sneakers

The classic, all-American uniform. For everyday wear, pair your denim jacket with a favorite white t-shirt and some street-friendly sustainable sneakers.

2. Layers on Layers

On colder days, top off multiple layers with a denim jacket for a cozy outfit that doesn't sacrifice in style. Get creative! You can even top off a blazer and tee with an oversized jean jacket, pairing it with white jeans or a bottom of your choice.

3. Denim Jacket, Dress, and Loafers

A jean jacket isn't exclusive to pants or denim cutoffs—you can easily pair one with your favorite dress. Wear this chic outfit combo with chunky loafers, one of fall's trendiest shoe styles.

4. Colored Denim-on-Denim

Add a pop of pastel to your denim collection with a new take on the Canadian tuxedo. This lightly lemon-colored jacket, for example, stands out from the rest with minimal effort—particularly when styled with twinning jeans.

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