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The Health Benefits of Corn Silk Tea—and Exactly How to Make It

Put your food waste to good use by making this caffeine-free (and super simple) corn silk tea recipe that's loaded with health benefits.

Written by
Samantha Bailon

As members of the eco-conscious club, we’re always thinking of the versatility—and ways to reduce our food waste. Sweet corn season is nearing its end, and if you're looking for a way to make use of the entirety of your harvest's last ears, we have an unexpected option for you: corn silk tea.


This recipe comes to you via Remy Morimoto Park, the founder of VeggieKins, who makes delicious use of corn's shiny and fibrous layer rather than simply composting it. "It's a great way to use up some of your food waste," she says in her video.

You also avoid the plastic bottle it comes in when store-bought. And as it turns out, the thread-like portion of the starchy vegetable comes with a wealth of nutritional benefits.

Corn Silk Tea Health Benefits

To begin, corn silk is loaded with vitamin C, which lends to immunity and overall vitality—making it the perfect ingredient for a healing and healthy tea to incorporate into your rotation.

"Corn silk tea has been used in traditional Chinese and Native American medicine," says registered dietitian Catherine Perez, who specializes in vegan nutrition. "It's primarily used in these practices to aid in prostate health, urinary tract infections, and heart disease." She adds that studies, though limited, have found that corn silk has the potential to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and inflammation due to its high flavonoid antioxidants.

One thing to keep in mind: corn silk tea is safe when ingested alone, but as it is a diuretic, be careful when consuming it in the company of medication. If you're concerned, consult your doctor.

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate the end of sweet corn season—and reduce your carbon footprint—with this cozy, beneficial, and caffeine-free corn silk tea.

How to Make Corn Silk Tea




1. Trim: Remove the corn silk, composting any brown ends.

2. Dry: Leave the silk out on a clean counter or sheet pan for a few days to dry out. (If you have a pasta drying rack, hang the silk.)

3. Boil: Bring a cup of water to boil and add your corn silk—the more you use, the stronger the flavor!

4. Steep: Let the silk sit for five minutes.

5. Strain and enjoy! Your corn silk tea is officially ready to sip.