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10 Sustainable Sneakers You’ll Never Want to Take Off

From working out to running errands, everyone needs a great pair of sustainable sneakers. Here are some eco-friendly options to try.

Written by
Asha Swann
Sneakers have come a long way since your first pair that lit up every time you took a step. From
worn-out gym shoes
to stylish accessories, sneaker trends are constantly changing. There are countless styles, colors, patterns—you name it. But one thing that hasn't changed is how most shoes end up in landfills.
According to the
Better Shoes Foundation
, less than 5% of shoes are currently
being recycled
. The foundation explains that for footwear to be more sustainable, companies should consider "designing a shoe without the unnecessary materials or features" and using long-lasting materials.
That's where these options come in. We've picked sustainable sneakers that are durable, comfortable, and—best of all—planet-friendly. Some styles use plant-based materials while others use
recycled polyester
, and all of them are great picks for when you're on the go.

10 Sustainable Sneakers for Your Everyday Needs

Woolloomooloo Belmont Merino Wool Sneakers
, $150

sustainable sneakers
These sustainable sneakers feature a knitted Australian Merino wool upper and a wool-lined footbed for softness and all-day comfort. What sets this wool apart? The brand sources the highest quality of Australian Merino wool grown by wool growers, ensuring the health and welfare of our sheep.

Cariuma OCA Low Sneaker
, $79

For every pair bought, Cariuma plants two trees! The company uses carbon-neutral shipping, premium natural materials, and recycled packaging. And with over 5,000 five-star ratings, you can purchase a pair knowing you won't have to compromise ethics for comfort.

Rothy's The Sneaker
, $125

sustainable sneakers
Rothy's sneakers come in various colors and patterns. The company turns discarded single-use plastic bottles into the thread to weave all its products. The shoes are also handwoven for a unique, trendy look, and they're knit true to size to minimize waste.

Italic Cadence Leather Sneaker
, $85

sustainable sneakers
These elegant shoes are perfect for anyone looking for a blend of casual and professional. The Cadence sneaker comes in five colors for a sleek, minimalist look, all made from sustainably sourced Italian leather.

Everlane ReLeather Court Sneaker

sustainable sneakers
Not only are these sustainable sneakers cute, but they're also made with recycled leather. These shoes are made to last and avoid tanned or dyed materials to reduce waste. Everlane is working to eliminate the use of new plastics, so these shoes will be shipped to you in recycled plastic and sustainably sourced cardboard materials.

Matisse Coconuts Sneakers
, $21+

Kicks from the Matisse Coconuts line are made with PETA-approved vegan leather. The company's packaging is made from 100% recycled paper products and they only use non-animal glue and vegetable-based dyes to boot.

Nisolo Elayna Sneaker
, $130

These sneakers from Nisolo are made with eco-friendly and responsibly harvested materials. They're the perfect blend of adorable and ethical, made to minimize negative environmental impacts. A percentage of your purchase will even be donated to an environmental non-profit.

ThredUP Thrifted Sneakers
, Prices Vary

You don't have to buy new in order to score a great pair of sneakers. One of the most planet-friendly things you can do is thrift a pair, whether that's via an
online thrift store
or at a local shop. Not only is doing so sustainable, but it's also much more affordable.

, $100+

sustainable sneakers
Allbirds is quite transparent about the sustainability initiatives the company is working on. From carbon offsets to using renewable resources to making long-lasting products, you can feel good about investing in a pair.

Thousand Fell
, $110

sustainable sneakers
On a mission to keep shoes out of the landfill, Thousand Fell created a fully recyclable sneaker. A portion of the cost of the shoe is returned to you when you send back the shoes to be recycled. The sneakers are made from corn waste, coconut husk, and recycled bottles, but they look and feel just like leather.