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20 Online Thrift Stores That Will Level Up Your Secondhand Clothing Game

If you're looking for online thrift stores for clothes and beyond, these options won't disappoint. Here's where to shop secondhand.

Written by
Giulia Lallas

Shopping at online thrift stores is the perfect way to spice up your closet. They’re super affordable, allowing you to find the brands you love for a fraction of the price—no in-person shopping required. But best of all, opting for secondhand items is great for the planet, and keeps perfectly good clothes out of landfills.

Browsing online thrift stores gives you the same excitement as when you're shopping in person: You never know what you're going to find. One day you might spot a vintage Chanel jacket, and the next it could be your new go-to pair of jeans. There are so many cool, stylish options at unbeatable prices. Aside from being able to buy items, you can also use them to sell your used clothing.

Ready to level up your secondhand clothing game? Here are our favorite online thrift stores that allow you to amp up your wardrobe in a totally sustainable way.

The 20 Best Online Thrift Stores for Clothes

1. Depop

Depop is all about uniqueness and creativity. And with YouTubers like Emma Chamberlain drawing attention to it by buying and selling items, the brand is gaining more and more traffic.

The company laid out its detailed sustainability goals for 2021-2022, which include running a low-carbon business and using renewable energy. Promoting diversity and inclusion is also really important to the company.

Poshmark is another top-notch online thrift store for clothes and serves as a great tool for people looking to buy or sell used clothes from specific brands. The site has great clothing options for everyone, ranging from adults to kids to pets. Another plus: The company provides “free authentication on luxury items” so you won’t get duped.

3. ThredUP

ThredUP is a great place to find all the brands you know and love. (In fact, there are 36,000+!) It's also home to collections made in partnership with brands like Amour Vert. You'll find sections for maternity, plus-size, and juniors, and there are even sales and rescue sections for items that have been on the site for a while and are still looking for a forever home. 

Another fun feature: If you don't want to browse, you can get a personalized box catered to your style through the goody box choice. There's also a “Style Icons” page where you can shop items handpicked by stylists.

4. Mercari

Mercari works similarly to Poshmark: You can either shop or take pictures of your unwanted items and sell them. The difference is that Mercari has a larger list of categories. There's a vintage section, a beauty section, and even a handmade section broken down into various categories.

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to shop secondhand clothing (and, well, pretty much anything else you want!), both in your area and afar thanks to a shipping option. It's really easy to search for what you want. And if you're hoping to find something specific, you can create an alert so you'll see it as soon as it goes up.

Patagonia's Worn Wear shop has a simple mission: keeping your gear in play and out of landfills. On the site, you'll find two collections: the ReCrafted Collection and the Seconds Collection. The ReCrafted collection is made by recycling unwanted clothes, while the Seconds collection consists of items that Patagonia receives but can't sell due to a slight imperfection like a loose thread. You'll find perfectly good products for a fraction of the cost.

Goodfair is super unique in that it sells bundles. These bundles include a mix of semi-random, secondhand clothing items. We say semi-random because you can choose the bundle you want based on the items in it, but the actual look of the items is disguised until you receive your bundle. There's also a vintage section.

Another cool feature: Each item shows the amount of water, carbon, and money saved by not supporting fast fashion brands.

The RealReal believes that well-made clothing, shoes, and accessories should enjoy a long and stylish (and sustainable) life. All of the items on the site are vetted and authenticated by experts, and TRR invited sellers to participate in its mission of conscious consumerism, and offers 85% of the sale price—well above most consignment shops and sites.

Lastly, a sustainability calculator tracks the difference made: As of March 2022, TRR shoppers have saved 2.8 billion liters of water and 52,767 metric tons of carbon.

9. Grailed

From brand new to gently used, Grailed is all about menswear and the community that rocks it. A low commission fee makes it easy to make the jump from customer to vendor, ensuring that your coolest pieces find new homes rather than languishing in the back of your closet (or worse, in the landfill). 

10. Etsy

Far from crafts alone, Etsy is also home to a wealth of curated vintage shops, which means that your dream store could be a couple of clicks away. Shops like The Industry, Persephone Vintage, and Dirty Birdies Vintage have developed cultish followings through the platform, but searching the entirety of Etsy for an item of interest is also possible—just be prepared to do quite a bit of scrolling, and make sure you know your measurements. 

This year marks Beyond Retro’s 20th birthday—the company has been in the vintage clothing game since 2002, and the veteran status shows. Beyond Vintage has brick-and-mortar stores across the UK and Sweden along with a truly impressive online shop of modern and archival fashion, all stoppable by item type or era. 

Since its Y2K beginnings, the brand has saved seven million pieces from the landfill (!), resold 90 million items just last year, and founded an upcycled collection to better utilize reclaimed materials. 

12. Hewi

To buy and sell within the luxury sector, head to Hewi (the acronym stands for Hardly Ever Worn It). Hewi has been working within the world of circular consumerism since 2012, when it was founded by Tatiana Wolter-Ferguson, her mother Sharon, and her sister Natalya.

Wotler-Ferguson notes that because of the status and value of the sort of pieces Hewi deals in, they likely would not have ended up in the landfill—but better your closet than an obscure storage unit!

A B Corp—a first in the fashion resale world)—Vestiaire takes its commitment to the planet to the next level. By turning its focus toward shipping (the company ships direct, with an aim to center local shipping in the future), packaging (now 100% recycled and recyclable), and diversity, Vestiaire leads by example, and urges its community to do the same.

A classic of the thrifting world, Goodwill is ideal for those who enjoy the hunt for used and vintage treasures.—managed by Goodwill of Orange County—brings selected offerings from more than 130 Goodwill organizations to an online marketplace.

As always, proceeds from sales are directed toward the non-profit’s mission to empower everyone, particularly those who encounter barriers in their lives, to find jobs and manage finances. 

15. Tradesy

An offshoot of Vestiaire Collective, Tradesy furthers the mission of a circular future for fashion. This involves polling users on their rationale for buying and selling secondhand, the better understand and analyze behavior. And, as with other sites, Tradesy promises authenticity, making purchasing designer items at a steep discount a safer bet.

Clothing swaps, but make it digital! Swap Society broadens the concept of trading items—simply send in your used clothing and you’ll receive “SwapCoin” to spend at your leisure.

Swap Society requires that clothing be freshly laundered and in decent condition prior to sending (which we all appreciate), and takes the concept of cyclical style to the next level: Rather than just consuming, you’re trading, updating your wardrobe, and saving money. 

This one’s for the boys—or those who like to borrow from them. Menswear Market prioritizes high-end and rare vintage, but at 50 to 70% off retail, you can still expect to save. If you or someone you love is looking to invest in a dapper suit primed to last a lifetime (without contributing to a wasteful fashion lifecycle) consider Menswear Market your official go-to. 

Luxury Garage Sale is akin to stumbling into a swoon-worthy estate sale in the online space. Find authenticated designer shoes, bags, and clothing at discounted prices, and invest in the planet along with your new favorite styling item. 

19. Rebag

Designers may put out a new line of handbags each season, but the real prize is a vintage purse that’s perfect for you and far less ubiquitous. Fortunately, Rebag makes hunting for your unicorn bag (and jewelry, watches, and leather goods) a breeze.

Shop by designer or bag type for a steeply discounted designer that makes investing in a brand-new brand name seem well… sort of superfluous. 

20. eBay

We're rounding things out with good ol’ eBay. As with Etsy, shopping eBay requires a commitment to discovering and vetting vendors, as well as identifying quality (and authenticity). The site is a pioneer in the resale space, and is committed to curbing its carbon emissions and water consumption while investing in renewable energy.