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6 Easy Ways to Reuse Water at Home

Water is a precious resource. If you want to do your part in conserving it for future generations, start with these easy ways to reuse water.

how to reuse water
Written by
Riley Baker
Whether you're taking a shower, making dinner, or filling up your favorite
reusable bottle
, water is easy to take for granted. But it's undoubtedly one of our most precious resources, and its conservation is crucial for the well-being of our planet and future generations.
According to the
, at least 40 states anticipate that there will be water shortages by 2024, making it critical to start conserving the natural resource immediately. That can start in our own homes. By embracing a more water-conscious lifestyle, you can significantly reduce water waste and help contribute to a more sustainable future.
While there are plenty of
ways to save water
(like installing a
and opting for the
dishwasher over hand-washing
your dishes), there are also some simple ways to reuse the water you use every day. Here are some small things you can start doing in your kitchen, bathroom, and beyond.

6 Simple Ways to Reuse Water at Home

how to reuse water

1. Reuse Pasta Water

Don't pour the water used to boil vegetables or pasta down the drain! Instead, allow it to cool then use it to
water your plants
. The nutrients leached into the cooking water can serve as a
natural fertilizer
, benefiting your plants and reducing water wastage.

2. Collect Shower Water

We're all guilty of letting the water flow while waiting for the shower to heat up. The next time you shower, place a bucket or container inside to collect the water that would otherwise go down the drain. Then, save it to repurpose for various household uses, from watering plants and cleaning to washing the dishes.

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3. Reuse Bath Water

Instead of
draining the bathtub
after a relaxing bath, consider reusing the water for other purposes. If you used natural and non-toxic bath products, this water can be used for watering plants or washing the car.

4. Collect Drinking Water

Like running the shower until the water gets warm, you may also run the tap until the water gets cold enough to drink. Keep a pitcher in the refrigerator for this purpose. As you're waiting for it to become cool, collect the too-warm water. Then, put the pitcher back in the fridge so you'll have cold drinking water for later.

5. Reuse Aquarium Water

Instead of discarding the water when you're cleaning your fish tank, use it as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants. Aquarium water
contains essential nutrients
that can enrich soil and foster healthy growth, making it a win-win for both your plants and the planet.

6. Collect Rainwater

Set up rain barrels or containers under roof downspouts to catch rainwater runoff. This collected water can be used for gardening, watering plants, or even washing your car. Be sure to check your city and state for specific regulations when it comes to rainwater collection, then use
this guide
to get started.