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Why Bidets Are Better for the Planet (And Your Bottom) Than Toilet Paper

Bidets are an environmentally-friendly alternative to toilet paper. Here's why, plus some tried-and-true options to try.

Written by
Kylie Fuller

The average American household uses over 400 rolls of toilet paper each year. Not only does this create a lot of paper waste, but producing it requires a hefty amount of water as well. That's where bidets come in.

After being a staple in European bathrooms for hundreds of years, bidets are finally growing in popularity in the United States. And that's great news for the planet. Aside from making your bathroom feel a little fancier, switching to a bidet can save the 384 trees that are required for one person's (yes, just one!) lifetime toilet paper supply. Plus, while a single roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water, a bidet uses just one-eighth of a gallon.

Aside from having some impressive benefits for the planet, bidets are great for your bottom, too. They can be better at cleaning your backside than regular toilet paper, as well as help reduce skin irritation thanks to their gentle nature.

"Overall, a bidet can sometimes provide a superior cleaning experience compared to toilet paper. It starts with the basic fact that water can top a few squares of dry toilet paper in removing trace amounts of fecal matter after you poop," Christine Lee, MD, an Ohio-based gastroenterologist, told the Cleveland Clinic. "Other advantages of a bidet include being gentler on your skin. Wiping can cause chafing and tiny cuts. Bidets can also be more comfortable to use if you have hemorrhoids and fissures."

So, what are you waiting for? Bidets are better for the planet and—according to the pros—us, too. Here are some popular options to try.

4 Bidets You'll Want to Swap Your Toilet Paper For

1. Tushy

Tushy is known for being as affordable as it is efficient. The classic attachment can be found for under $100 and comes with numerous features, like optimized angle control for "a targeted spray" and naturally anti-microbial knobs. Marketed as "the most thoughtful bidet in the world," Tushy prioritizes its environmental impact as much as keeping its customers comfortable.

2. Toto

This luxury bidet has an auto open/close lid, heated seat, warm air dryer, and even a self-cleaning wand. Basically everything you need to stay comfortable while cutting down on water and toilet paper waste.

3. Omigo

This bidet toilet seat comes with a wireless remote control and separate front and rear nozzles with different water temperatures, spray widths, and pressure settings. There's also a LED night light and heated seat, which automatically turns off after 10 minutes of non-use.

BidetKing is known for its energy-efficient, tankless water heating system. It also fits most toilet seats, so if you're concerned about the compatibility of your bidet attachment, this may be a good option.