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5 Eco-Friendly Fall Activities for Kids

There's no better way to embrace fall than by taking part in these eco-friendly activities for kids.

Written by
Riley Baker
As the leaves begin to paint the world in shades of gold and the air turns crisp, there's no denying that fall is a magical season for both young and old. It's a time when Mother Nature puts on a breathtaking show, and there's no better way to celebrate it than by engaging in some eco-friendly fall activities for kids.
These activities don't just entertain but also educate children about the importance of preserving the environment. They'll create lasting memories, all while instilling a lifelong love and
respect for nature
. By engaging in these adventures, our little ones can play a significant role in protecting the planet for generations to come.

5 Eco-Friendly Fall Activities for Kids

1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt
is a fun way for kids to enjoy the wonders of fall. Create a list of items commonly found in your area during autumn, from colorful leaves to acorns, pinecones, and feathers. You can even add a spooky touch by adding a cobweb to the list.

2. Create leaf art

Fall leaves are like nature's art supplies. Encourage children to collect them to create
eco-friendly artwork
. They can make leaf rubbings using recycled paper and crayons, or press leaves between the pages of an old book to preserve their vibrant colors. This activity fosters creativity and an appreciation for the changing seasons.

3. Upcycle your pumpkin waste

After carving pumpkins for Halloween, don't let the insides go to waste in a landfill. There are plenty of fun ways to
upcycle the flesh and seeds
, from having a fun family spa day to making delicious
pumpkin recipes
. After the holiday is over, you can even give your jack-o-lantern a second life. Set up a
pumpkin composting
area in your backyard and allow your children to watch it return to the Earth, enriching the soil for future plants.

4. Create nature crafts with found objects

Encourage kids to tap into their creativity by making eco-friendly
nature crafts
using found objects. Pinecone animals, leaf masks, and acorn necklaces are just a few ideas. This activity promotes resourcefulness and reduces the need for plastic or disposable crafting materials.

5. Plant a family tree

Fall is primetime for tree planting, as cooler temperatures are
less stressful for young saplings
. Make tree planting a family affair by choosing a native species and planting it together in your backyard. You can also turn this into a learning experience by explaining how trees are essential for a healthy planet, as well as an important wildlife habitat.