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10 Easy Eco-Friendly Crafts for Everyone

These eco-friendly, low-waste crafts use materials and supplies you already have laying around your home.

Written by
Caitlyn Nygaard

I am someone that enjoys crafting and doing putzy projects, but buying all the supplies and having all the leftover materials taking up all the space in my home is not the part I enjoy. I have one medium-sized, 3-drawer storage cart that nicely houses all of my crafting supplies and materials that I’ve accumulated.

With the help of Pinterest and YouTube tutorials, I was able to make 10 crafts with simple materials and supplies I already had laying around my house. I didn’t have to go to the store, OR stash away a pile of extra crafting supplies. This is my kind of crafting! I hope you are inspired by these 10 eco-friendly crafts and can use your extra time at home to make your own low-waste crafts. Each of these crafts would be easily manageable for kids or a fun stress-relieving craft for any adult!

For the Party You're Dying to Host: Plastic Bag Pom-Poms

I absolutely love how these little pom-poms turned out! Who knew you could make party supplies out of plastic bags?! I first cut up strips of a plastic bag and then followed a tutorial on how to create pom-poms on YouTube.  I had extra yarn laying around in my craft supplies cart that I used to tie them all together. I'm now ready to throw a party!

Because You Stocked Up on Paper Supplies: Decorative Tissue Box

This earthy toned decorative plant box is made from an empty kleenex box! I had scraps of burlap and twine from a bridal shower I hosted a few years back, and glued the pieces around the box. My plant is already potted, but it fit perfectly in my new decor box! 

For Those Seeking Adventure: Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars 

These little guys are perfect for kids seeking adventure! I saved a couple of my empty toilet paper rolls, and made these binoculars  in no time! I glued them together and wrapped thin cardboard around them. Glued on a string long enough to go around my neck and now I’m ready for exploring! 

When You Need to Get Organized: Soup Can Pen Holder

This is one of my favorite crafts and it’s so easy to make. Again, I used some of the leftover crafting supplies I had from the bridal shower I hosted and decorated this soup can. This could be used for many different storage options, but it works perfectly as my new pen holder! 

For the Publication Hoarder: Magazine Envelopes

Who doesn’t have a pile of magazines and catalogs laying around? I have way too many, I can tell you that. I searched for a YouTube tutorial on how to make homemade envelopes, and voila! An adorable and unique envelope ready to be snail mailed to a friend. 

Because You're Now a Bird Watcher: Milk Carton Bird House / Feeder

I love how this turned out. I cut a hole in the middle of a milk carton and left a piece to fold down as a standing pad for a bird. I could have gotten more creative with decorating, but I used what I have: thin cardboard and washi tape. This was so simple to make and will be a cozy home or exciting social spot for our flying friends outside! 

Showing Appreciation for the Planet: Magazine Scrap Earth 

Again, back to all of those magazines I have laying around! As I was cutting them up and collecting a huge pile of scraps, I put my extra creative hat on and pieced together some blue and green pieces to create a picture - earth! This technique could be done to create whatever shape, design, or picture your brain thinks up!

Reusing What's Around: Paper Towel Roll Decorative Flower

Another one of my favorites. I would have made more of these if I had multiple paper towel rolls. I flattened the roll to make it easier to cut small pieces and then glued them together into this floral shape. This could be decorated if you wish, or keep it earthy for a minimalist decor piece. 

If You're Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding: Plant Confetti 

Here is another way to make your next party more eco-friendly. Confetti made from plants! I took a leaf off of one of my peace lily plants, ( you could use any leaf you find in nature) and used a hole punch to make these little pieces! I especially think this confetti would be beautiful using some bright orange and red maple leaves in the autumn. 

For the Chic and Green Girl: Plastic Bag Yarn

Another great use for plastic bags right here. I went back to my stash of plastic bags and made some yarn out of them. I did follow a tutorial on YouTube to help me with instructions on how to cut the bag in a way that would be most efficient. This plastic bag yarn can be used for crocheting. Check out the great ideas on Pinterest on how to use your “plarn!”