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8 Nature Craft Ideas for Kids, From Mobiles to Suncatchers

Spend some quality time with your little one making these nature crafts for kids that utilize materials you can find on your outdoor adventures.

nature crafts for kids
Written by
Riley Baker
In today's world, most activities come store-bought and packaged in plastic. However, within
's vast playground lies an abundance of crafting materials just waiting to be discovered for your little one's latest artistic endeavor.
From acorns and pine cones to twigs, using natural objects as artistic mediums doesn't just fuel your child's imagination—it also nurtures a profound affection and
respect for the environment
from an early age. Plus, harnessing the resources readily available outside our own front doors ignites a sense of curiosity, creativity, and a thirst for adventure.
The next time you embark on an art project, try one of these nature crafts for kids that celebrate the beauty of the environment and inspire young hearts to become stewards of the Earth.

8 Best Nature Crafts for Kids

Acorn Marble Necklace

nature crafts for kids
Photos: Rhythms of Play
This is a necklace your child will want to wear around 24/7, and it can be made using an acorn they found outside, a marble that's been in your junk drawer forever, and the string you have bunched up in your
craft bin

Bee Painted Rocks

nature crafts for kids
Photo: Easy Peasy and Fun
Collecting rocks is fun—but painting them is even better. Allow your child to get creative with painting their favorite animals. This adorable bee is a great place to start. Once the rocks have dried, use them as paperweights, decor, or even display them outside in a

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Photo: Mom. Wife. Busy Life.
Take your child on a hunt for some pine cones, then transform them into bird feeders for your feathered backyard friends. After smearing each pine cone with peanut butter, your kiddo will have a blast rolling them in birdseed. As the birds visit for a treat, assist your child in identifying each species.

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Nature Suncatcher Craft

nature crafts for kids
Photo: Messy Little Monster
This enchanting suncatcher is mostly made of what your child spots while exploring nature, from colorful flowers to lucky clovers. Better yet, the frame can be assembled from upcycled popsicle sticks, giving new life to discarded materials.

Leaf Chalk Art

Photo: Arty Crafty Kids
Nurture your child's creativity by giving fallen leaves a magnificent transformation into colorful canvases for their chalk drawings. Encourage them to express their imagination on each leaf. Then once they complete their collection, assemble the leaves on a piece of paper and frame the masterpiece for their room.

Nature Mobile

Photo: The Magic Onions
Indulge in delightful moments with your little one as you go on an adventure to collect pretty components for a nature mobile. Encourage them to seek out brightly-colored
, leaves, sticks, seeds, and anything else that captures their attention. Afterward, help them assemble the mobile using clay, string, and a long twig, creating a finished product that will bring a touch of the Great Outdoors to their space.

Pine Cone Hedgehogs

Photo: The Mad House
These pine cone hedgehogs are all sorts of adorable. The pine cones already do most of the work, as they already resemble the animal. Encourage your child to unleash their creativity and add their own personal touch in bringing these hedgehogs to life, utilizing felt, googly eyes, and any other available materials. The end result will undoubtedly bring a joyful smile to your little one's face.

Yarn Sticks

Photo: Babble Dabble Do
Have a bunch of leftover art supplies on hand? Use them in this art project. All you need is the twigs your child finds outdoors and whatever you have lying around—yarn, ribbon, and other embellishments. The sky is the limit! Encourage your child to use their imagination to decorate the sticks, then proudly display their new artwork in their room.