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7 Kids Birthday Party Favors That Keep the Planet in Mind

Kids birthday party favors don't have to be wasteful. These sustainable products continue the celebration with eco-friendly fun.

kids birthday party favors
Written by
Calin Van Paris
When you're a kid, every birthday feels iconic—and parents often feel the same. Honoring the passage of years that seem to fly by is important, and what better way than with a birthday bash? Unfortunately, a natural accompaniment to any birthday party—as with most celebrations—is a fair amount of waste.
The average American produces
five pounds of trash per day
, or 35 pounds each week, a number that rises during the holiday season when parties, presents, and decor take center stage.
Don't worry, we're not suggesting that you forgo your child's big day—simply that you make small moves to keep the Earth in mind. A great place to start? Take a look at your chosen birthday party favors.

Kids Birthday Party Favors and Sustainability

kids birthday party favors
Sending tiny attendees home with a little something—or a bag of little somethings—is part of the party fun. Unfortunately, go-tos like candy, stickers, balloons, and plastic toys tend to veer into
-contributing territory.
With just a bit of extra thought, kids party favors are easily reimagined as sweet (sometimes literally) items that commemorate the day and are actually useful, healthy, and fun.

7 Kids Birthday Party Favors That Won't Get Tossed

Keep scrolling for our top seven picks for eco-minded kids birthday party favors.

1. SmartSweets Gummy Worms, $5.98

SmartSweets ditches sugar alcohols in favor of natural sweeteners and ingredients, making for creepy-crawly treats you can feel better about gifting to party attendees.
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2. FinalStraw Collapsible Metal Straw, $20

This reusable, collapsible straw is perfect for on-the-go. Just fold it up and pack it in your bag—or backpack! Ideal for school days and playdates alike.
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3. Pacha Soap Co. Starry Night Froth Bomb, $6.49

Bathtime is better with a bomb. This sudsy star smells like lavender and vanilla—and supports clean water initiatives worldwide.
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4. Eco-Friendly Kids Dough, $19 for 3

This eco-dough will provide hours of fun. It's made in small batches with non-toxic ingredients, including organic fruit and vegetable extracts.
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5. National Parks Notebooks, $5

These notebooks are crafted using recycled paper. Whether used for class notes, to-do lists, or deep thoughts, the
national park
-inspired covers will have kids dreaming of the great outdoors.
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6. Solely,Organic Whole Fruit Gummies, $.99

These vegan treats are sourced directly from organic farmers and use less-than-perfect produce to reduce waste (without sacrificing in taste).
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7. Eco-Friendly Market Bag, $13

Baby's first market bag! This carry-all is the perfect way to hand out birthday party favors—and may just inspire your family to cruise next weekend's farmers' market.
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