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diy furniture ideas
9 DIY Furniture Ideas That Put Your Upcycling Skills to Good Use
Why buy new furniture when you can upcycle or repurpose what you already have? Here are some fun and unique DIY furniture ideas to try.
jean shorts diy
Use This Simple Jean Shorts DIY to Upcycle an Old Pair of Denim
This simple jean shorts DIY will help you transform an old pair of denim into the cutest shorts around. Here's how to do it, step by step.
luxury upcycling
Upcycled, Elevated: Cut-and-Sew Clothes Are Getting the Luxury Treatment
From vintage designer terrycloth to revamped denim, the latest wave of upcycled clothing is more luxurious than crafty. Here's what you need to know about the rising trend.
fancy ice cubes
7 Fancy Ice Cubes to Make Without the Waste
Your drink should be just as pretty as your plate. These fancy ice cube ideas will help to elevate your beverage menu with the help of upcycled produce scraps.
6 Projects for Upcycling T-Shirts, from Produce Bags to Doormats
Want ideas for upcycling t-shirts? Here's how you can transform a t-shirt into a plant hanger, cat tent, potholder, and more.
How to Get Rid of Old Clothes Sustainably: 5 Eco-Friendly Options to Try
If you're wondering how to get rid of clothes sustainably, we have five eco-friendly methods that will help you clean out your closet.
Upcycled Food Is Becoming the Most Delicious Way to Fight Food Waste
Upcycled food is trending both in our homes and in the food industry. It reduces waste, tastes delicious, *and* betters the planet.
What Is Upcycling — and How Does It Benefit the Planet?
Upcycling has grown increasingly popular in the sustainability world. Here's what upcycling means and how it benefits the planet.
6 Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper Ideas for Your Holiday Gifts
Wrapping paper can be wasteful. Instead, try these eco-friendly wrapping paper ideas that keep the planet in mind.
7 Easy Ways to Upcycle Clothes and Better the Planet in the Process
Don't toss out your worn-out tees! Learning how to upcycle clothes is easy. Use these fun ideas to transform your old clothes.
How to Make a DIY Pin Board With an Old Rug and Cardboard
You can make a DIY pin board with an old rug and cardboard. Here's exactly how to do it, step by step.