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sustainable back to school tips
5 Simple Ways to Head Back to School Sustainably
Have a sustainable back-to-school season with these tips and tricks that reduce waste, save money, and protect the planet.
best zero waste products for sustainable living
15 Zero-Waste Products to Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey
Being more eco-friendly is easy with these zero-waste products. Here's the swaps you need to kickstart your sustainability journey.
vegan feta recipe
This Vegan Feta Recipe Is the Perfect Eco Cheese Swap
Swap your feta cheese crumbles for this vegan feta recipe to help the planet. All you need is tofu, a jar, and a few other ingredients.
sustainable engagement rings
5 Sustainable Engagement Rings That Outshine Conflict Diamonds Any Day
Sustainable engagement rights are easier to find than you think. If you're looking for ethical alternatives to conflict diamonds, here are the best options.
10 Nonprofits to Support on Giving Tuesday and Every Day
Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to support your favorite nonprofits. Here are 10 Brightly staff picks to start with.
natural skincare products acne
6 Natural Skincare Products for Acne-Prone Skin
If you have acne-prone skin, give these natural skincare products a try. They're soothing, gentle, and eco-friendly.
When to Replace a Kitchen Sponge, According to a Germ Expert
When should you throw out your kitchen sponge? Learn when it's time to switch out—or sanitize—your bacteria-laden helper.
Sustainable Backpacks for School, Work, and Beyond
Looking at backpacks for the upcoming school year? Here are some eco-friendly (and affordable!) options to shop in 2022.
7 Reef-Safe Sunscreen Options That Protect Your Skin and Our Oceans
Reef-safe sunscreen is free from chemicals that cause coral bleaching, which affects both marine life and people. Try these safe options.
New Caraway Cookware Colors Are Here to Brighten Up Your Kitchen
The new limited edition Caraway Cookware colors will light up your kitchen while you cook meals that are better for you and the environment.
8 Eco-Friendly Shampoos for a Sustainable Hair-Wash Routine
These eco-friendly shampoo options make your haircare routine more sustainable. You'll find refillable options, bars, bottles, and more.
7 Sustainable Makeup Brands That Benefit Your Skin and the Planet
These sustainable makeup brands have eco-friendly mascaras, lipsticks, foundation, and more. Here are some of our favorites.
7 Natural Deodorants That Are Good for Your Pits *and* the Planet
These natural deodorant options are made with sustainable and clean ingredients that keep both your pits and the planet fresh.
Everything You Need to Know About Menstrual Cups, According to a Doctor
Learning how to use a menstrual cup can be a little scary. Here's how to find the right type, insert it, remove it, clean it, and more.
14 Clean Beauty Gifts Perfect for Everyone on Your List
Looking for clean beauty gifts? We have 14 options the sustainable beauty buffs on your list will love, from skincare to makeup.
What Is Greenwashing? Here's What It Means and How to Spot It
What is greenwashing, exactly? Here's what greenwashing means, how to spot it, questions to ask brands, fact-checking tips, and more.
How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps
Have you thought about trying a capsule wardrobe? Here's what it is, why it's great for the planet, and exactly how to build one.
We Tried Leaf Shave's Safety Razor—And Got You a Discount!
Our Scouts tried Leaf Shave's sustainable Leaf Razor. Here's what they thought—plus a discount to use on your first order.
10 Sustainable Summer Swaps for a More Eco-Friendly Season
Sustainable summer swaps, coming right up. In the latest episode of Good Together, Laura and Liza shared their seasonal must-haves.
6 Things to Bring on Your Sustainable Road Trip This Summer
Going on a sustainable road trip this summer? Here are some eco-friendly products that will help you cut down on waste.
We Found Biodegradable Straws That Won't Get Soggy
If you've been searching for biodegradable straws that won't get soggy while you're sipping on your lemonade, try this option from EQUO.
7 RD-Approved Vegan Swaps That Make Cooking Easy
Making your favorite meals plant-based is easy with these vegan swaps. Here are seven swaps a registered dietitian loves.
The Best Eco-Friendly Lyocell Sheets from Sheets & Giggles
The best sustainable and eco-friendly sheets are here. Read our review of Sheets & Giggles!
Our Scouts Learned About The Best Safety Razor with Lisse
Wondering what it's like to use a fair-trade safety razor? Craving a more sustainable bathroom routine? Look no further than Lisse. Here's what our Scouts had to say about their experience with this female-founded ethical shaving company.
7 Easy Steps Students Can Take to Be More Sustainable
Going green can be hard on a student's budget and lifestyle. Here are some of my tips and tricks to make it easier!
Sustainable Wine: What is It and Why is it Popular?
I had no idea what sustainable wine really meant so I did some research. Keep reading to learn the nitty gritty details about wine and its effects on you and our planet.
Our Scouts Tried Public Goods, An Eco Alternative to Amazon
Curious about Public Goods? Here's what our Scouts had to say about the eco-friendly Amazon alternative after giving it a try.
The Environmental Impact of E-Waste—and How to Make a Difference
What's the environmental impact of e-waste? Learn how to minimize e-waste, recycle electronics, and shop sustainably.
5 Eco-Friendly Appliances Worth the Money
If you're looking for a bigger and more impactful change, consider switching to these eco-friendly appliances!
How These 3 Zero-Waste Laundry Swaps Will Save You Money
Recently, I put together a powerpoint for my family to switch over to a more sustainable laundry practice. Here are some of the points I made!
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