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Our Scouts Learned About The Best Safety Razor with Lisse

Wondering what it's like to use a fair-trade safety razor? Craving a more sustainable bathroom routine? Look no further than Lisse. Here's what our Scouts had to say about their experience with this female-founded ethical shaving company.

Written by
Brightly Staff

Have you ever wondered how clean your shave is? Like yes in that way, but also, how eco-friendly is it? Do you know anything about whether your razor was sustainably made or who made it? If you're like me, you used to never even think about how your razor is related to the environment. I used to not even know what a safety razor, (a more eco-friendly alternative to the plastic razor), was!

Opting for a metal safety razor is just one out of many eco-friendly options that you can explore while beginning a plastic-free lifestyle. While an initial investment, you save the money constantly spent on replenishing your razor supply, and with the right safety razor, you save the environment and your skin from harmful toxins. All you have to do is buy replaceable razor heads!

If the idea of a safety razor sounds intriguing to you now, let me introduce you to Lisse's sustainable razor & environmentally conscious shaving materials. A one-woman show: Amy founded Lisse to provide cruelty-free (certified by the most credible third-party certifier-- Leaping Bunny) shaving products. They do good outside of just their exceptional craftsmanship, donating 2% of gross profits back to non-profit Femme International which fights the menstruation taboo. With razors meant for sensitive and tougher skin, shaving oil, and shaving soap made in small batches, Lisse has got you covered. Not to mention, all their products look super cute.

We gave our Scouts a shot at trying out this luxurious and ethical shaving experience. To no one's surprise, they had a blast! Get this: each Scout left a glowing 5-star review.

BTW: Use code BRIGHTLY20 for 20% off (except for bundles) to start shaving plastic-free with Lisse.

(Disclaimer: We did not pay any of our Scouts to review these products, but they did receive the products for free. Join Brightly’s Scouts program if you want a chance to participate in the next product drop!)