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The Best Eco-Friendly Lyocell Sheets from Sheets & Giggles

The best sustainable and eco-friendly sheets are here. Read our review of Sheets & Giggles!

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Brightly Staff

Have you been looking for ways to incorporate eco-friendly living into your bedding? We definitely have. That's why we got so excited about Sheets & Giggles (LOL) when we discovered them.

Their breezy sheets and comforters made from eucalyptus-based lyocell require less water than other natural fibers, like cotton, during production. Opting for lyocell over cotton can save up to 96% of the water and 30% of the energy that would have been used to create cotton sheets. They're also perfect for hot sleepers, making this purchase an eco-friendly way to stay cool during the summer. Not to mention, lyocell just feels so much softer on the skin.

Both our founding team and our Scouts took the signature 400-thread count sheets and comforters for a spin, and they loved their items. Another reason we believe in this brand is their dedication toward doing their part for the environment—something that's often non-existent in other big-name companies. You won’t find any insecticides or pesticides used in Sheets & Giggles products, or in any plastic in their packaging (which is made from recyclable materials!).

Beyond their eco-friendly materials, we also love how they offset their carbon emissions by planting a tree for every sheet set sold and genuinely want to provide for the larger community. Here's how the #Give2Sheets initiative works: If you donate any old sheets, they'll donate them to homeless shelters for you and provide 10% off your next order. They also provide 15% off discounts for members of the military, first responders, medical professionals, teachers, and students.

Our Founders Recommend Sheets & Giggles

At Brightly, we never recommend anything we haven’t tried ourselves, and we always work with brands to vet their claims and certifications. Despite their punny name, Sheets & Giggles is the real deal and has totally shaken up how we approach our sheets. Here are our thoughts on whether the sheets and comforters live up to the hype.

From Brightly co-founder Laura Alexander Wittig

My first foray into eco-friendly bedding was when I discovered what lyocell fabric was, and ever since, I’ve been hunting for the perfect eucalyptus-based sheets. To go with my overall aesthetic of neutral, classic, and comfy, I chose to try the Sheets & Giggles original white sheets along with their eucalyptus comforter. I’ve been snoozing with them for months now and they’ve held up super well, even after lots of tugging (I move around a ton during sleep).

From Brightly co-founder Liza Moiseeva:

Sheets & Giggles’ sheets hit the perfect mix of soft, cool, and cozy all at the same time for me. I (virtually) met their founder, Colin, back in February and fell in love with the ethos of the company right away. Their products are made from eucalyptus which is my favorite plant ever (I always have eucalyptus oils and sprays around the house) and it turns out that it’s also an eco-friendly material (it uses up to 96% less water than cotton and 30% less energy).

I opted for their original purple sheets and immediately fell in love with them! I tell the truth when I say that I haven’t slept in any other sheets since March! And since I know that I don’t wash the sheets as often as I probably should (yikes, I know) I am now eyeing their gorgeous navy sheets too. I have never had dark sheets before but now I think I prefer them since they instantly give a cozy, sleepy feel to my bedroom! Their eucalyptus comforter is the cherry on top for me. It’s lightweight, doesn’t make me hot, but is warm enough for chilly San Francisco summers. 

I’ve recommended S&G to all my friends now and can’t wait for them to start offering more products!

Overall, we recommend Sheets & Giggles for their fun approach to taking care of the larger community and our planet through their give-back initiatives and sustainable products. Whether you’ve been putting off getting new sheets, or simply want something a little more comfortable to sleep on since we’re all spending more time at home, give yourself permission to laugh and peruse Sheets & Giggles.