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New Caraway Cookware Colors Are Here to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

The new limited edition Caraway Cookware colors will light up your kitchen while you cook meals that are better for you and the environment.

Written by
Brenna Marshall

Caraway Cookware is self-acclaimed as "the internet's favorite cookware," and who can blame the brand for saying so? Its sleek look and eye-catching colors make you wanna say, "you're comin' home with me."

Aside from the typical red, blue, and cream colors that Caraway Cookware offers, the brand frequently comes out with limited-edition colors. The newest hues would make anyone audibly gasp—especially us nature lovers.

"Marigold" gives sunflowers and bumblebee energy, while "Sage" gives meditating-in-a-field-of-grass vibes. But colors aside, what's especially great about Caraway Cookware is the fact that the line is a more sustainable option as far as cookware goes.

Caraway's ceramic-coated aluminum cookware is free of PTFE, which you'd typically find in your run-of-the-mill Teflon. The brand says "research by the Environmental Working Group and many other scientists demonstrated these 'forever chemicals' take decades or longer to leave the body and they never break down in the environment."

The cookware also releases up to 60% less CO2 when produced compared to traditional non-stick coatings. And, the brand makes ethical manufacturing a priority: It supports BSCI and SMETA manufacturing partners "where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours."

How about the packaging? Every order is shipped in recycled cardboard with no plastic bags, low-impact print dyes, and 100% biodegradable cork trivets.

The most sustainable thing you can do is use what you already have first. But if your current cookware is in need of an upgrade, we have some sustainable kitchen swaps you can shop below. (P.S. They're on sale!)

But hey—if you're more of an Always Pan person, Selena Gomez's colorful new collection is a must-see, too.

Caraway's New Colors to Shop

Caraway Cookware sets include a fry pan, sauce pan with lid, sauté pan with lid, and dutch oven with lid.

These cookware sets also include magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder for storage. That's included right in the price, folks—not additional!

Caraway Bakeware sets come with a similarly stylish storage solution. When you choose the 11-piece set, you'll get two storage boxes—or one box if you go with the 5-piece set.

The complete, 11-piece bakeware set would be great for a regular baker with a bit more kitchen space to spare. You'll get two baking sheets, a 12-cup muffin pan, a rectangle pan, a square pan, a cooling rack, a loaf pan, and two circle pans.

The 5-piece bakeware set will be all you need if you're more of a time-to-time baker. It comes with two baking sheets, a 12-cup muffin pan, and a rectangle pan.