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cob houses eco friendly
Cob Houses Are the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Homes—Here's 6 You Can Visit
Cob houses may look like they belong in a fairy tale, but the enchanting homes are real—and they're an eco-friendly alternative to traditional housing options.
best zero waste products for sustainable living
15 Zero-Waste Products to Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey
Being more eco-friendly is easy with these zero-waste products. Here's the swaps you need to kickstart your sustainability journey.
best way to dispose of dog poop
What's the Best Way to Dispose of Dog Poop? Here's What Experts Say
Which is the best dog poop disposal method for the environment? Here's what to know about flushing dog waste, composting it, and more.
eco friendly dorm room products
7 Products That Make Dorm Life More Sustainable
Even busy college students can be a little more eco-friendly with these sustainable dorm essentials
10 Budget-Friendly Sustainable Living Tips to Use in 2023
It's true—sustainability can be affordable for all! Here are 10 simple tips for budget-friendly sustainable living.
3 Ways to Remove Wine Stains That Work Like a Charm
These eco-friendly products and methods will help you remove wine stains fast—so you can get back to sipping.
Yes, You Can Buy a Tiny House from Home Depot—Here’s What It’ll Cost You
Tiny homes are the next big thing! Here's how Home Depot is making the process easier than ever.
How to Decode Egg Carton Labels Like a Pro
Decoding egg carton labels isn't easy. Luckily, this guide takes away the confusion, helping you decode egg carton labels like a pro.
Your Guide to Self-Sufficiency and Adopting a More Sustainable Lifestyle
We can learn how to live more sustainably. Here's your guide to prioritizing self-sufficiency and sustainable living.
How Actor Torrey DeVitto Advocates for the Planet
You know actor Torrey DeVitto from her roles in Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. But she's also an advocate for animals and the planet.
The Environmental Impact of Emails: How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint
Curious about the environmental impact of emails? Every email in your inbox has a carbon footprint. Here's what to do to lower it.
6 Creative Ways to Hide Your Recycling Bin in Your Home or Backyard
Learn how to hide your recycling bin. These creative ideas help it blend in almost anywhere in your home or backyard.
This Food Swap Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by 48%
A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found this one food swap can drastically better the planet.
12 Meatless Recipes to Try, Including Crispy Sesame Cauliflower Wings
If you want to add more meatless recipes to your lineup, these easy-to-make vegan and vegetarian options are a great place to start.
What Is Upcycling — and How Does It Benefit the Planet?
Upcycling has grown increasingly popular in the sustainability world. Here's what upcycling means and how it benefits the planet.
What Is an Eco-Village? Take a Look Inside the Sustainable Communities
The eco-village is rising in popularity. Here's everything to know about the sustainable communities, including where to visit one yourself.
7 Easy Ways to Upcycle Clothes and Better the Planet in the Process
Don't toss out your worn-out tees! Learning how to upcycle clothes is easy. Use these fun ideas to transform your old clothes.
Can You Recycle To-Go Coffee Cups? Here's What Experts Say
Are the to-go coffee cups you get at chains like Starbucks recyclable? Here's what experts say. Plus, some planet-friendly alternatives.
Is Van Life Sustainable? What to Know Before Hitting the Road
How sustainable is van life, really? Here's what you should know about gas, energy, water, and other factors before hitting the road.
Going Back to the Office? These 4 Tips Will Help You Keep Your Sustainable Habits
Going back to the office doesn't have to mean abandoning your sustainable habits! Here's how to make them stick at the workplace.
Where to Find Eco-Friendly, Reusable, and Sustainable Fabric Face Masks
These mask brands that cover the intersection between eco-friendly and pandemic-safe.
The 5 Best Oat Milk Brands of 2023, Ranked by Experts
Curious about which oat milk brand is the healthiest? We had two experts give their input. Here are five options, ranked—Oatly, included.
6 Sustainable Living Apps You’ll Want to Download Right This Second
Use a screen to go green! Take advantage of these apps that help you live a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.
7 Sustainability Podcasts for the Eco-Conscious Listener
These sustainability podcasts are perfect for the eco-conscious listener, touching on low-waste living, fashion, actionable tips, and more.
5 Simple Ways to Opt Out of Junk Mail in Seconds
Sick of all the clutter in your mailbox? We have five simple ways to opt out of junk mail. Better yet, you can do it in seconds.
The Best Eco-Friendly Lyocell Sheets from Sheets & Giggles
The best sustainable and eco-friendly sheets are here. Read our review of Sheets & Giggles!
7 Easy Steps Students Can Take to Be More Sustainable
Going green can be hard on a student's budget and lifestyle. Here are some of my tips and tricks to make it easier!
Our Scouts Tried Public Goods, An Eco Alternative to Amazon
Curious about Public Goods? Here's what our Scouts had to say about the eco-friendly Amazon alternative after giving it a try.
The Environmental Impact of E-Waste—and How to Make a Difference
What's the environmental impact of e-waste? Learn how to minimize e-waste, recycle electronics, and shop sustainably.
This Surprising Quarantine Activity Will Make a Positive Impact In Minutes
One great way to give back is as easy as picking a couple of things off the ground. Here's some tips on how to do so safely during the COVID-era.
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