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Where to Find Eco-Friendly, Reusable, and Sustainable Fabric Face Masks

These mask brands that cover the intersection between eco-friendly and pandemic-safe.

Written by
Anna Shuster

Cotton and fabric masks are going to be a vital accessory as you complete daily activities for an indefinite amount of time. They keep you, the ones you love, as well as everyone else around you, safe. We believe that wearing a mask when we go outside is the least we can do as everyone grapples with what it means to be responsible in the era of COVID-19. This responsibility also extends into conscious consumerism— choosing to opt for reusable masks made from environmentally friendly materials in ethical supply chains (when financially able).

While research shows that fabric masks are not as effective as N95 or surgical face masks at preventing disease spread, health officials around the globe, like the World Health Organization (WHO), agree that wearing a cotton mask is definitely better than not wearing anything at all. We've rounded up a few resources for you to purchase reusable and eco-friendly masks from, below. Don't forget to wash them thoroughly after each use, and as always, our advice is not a substitute for medical advice.