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5 Best Antimicrobial Bath Mats—and Why You Need One, According to a Germ Expert
Your bath mat could be the dirtiest item in your bathroom. Here's why switching to an antimicrobial bath mat is a must for cleanliness, health, and sustainability.
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What Is Diatomaceous Earth—and Is It Sustainable?
Made from the fossils of single-celled algae, diatomaceous earth is a sustainable (and incredibly useful) material you need to know about.
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Say Goodbye to Mildew—This Sustainable Stone Bath Mat Dries Right Before Your Eyes
The Terra Stone Bath Mat—made from diatomaceous earth—keeps your bathroom clean and eco-friendly. Here's how it fights off mildew and bacteria.
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8 Sustainable Bathroom Swaps That Reduce Waste and Save Money
Looking for eco-friendly bathroom swaps to help improve your everyday environmental impact? You've come to the right place.
Tongue Scraper Review: How the Tool Helps with Bad Breath and Beyond
Adding a reusable tongue scraper to your oral care routine can reduce bad breath-causing bacteria, improve your oral health, and beyond.
3 Types of Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper That Have the Planet in Mind
Americans go through billions of rolls of toilet paper every year. This eco-friendly toilet paper has the planet (and your tush!) in mind.
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How does bamboo toilet paper hold up? This is the Reel toilet paper and paper towel review you need, straight from some of Brightly's Scouts.
Our Scouts Learned About The Best Safety Razor with Lisse
Wondering what it's like to use a fair-trade safety razor? Craving a more sustainable bathroom routine? Look no further than Lisse. Here's what our Scouts had to say about their experience with this female-founded ethical shaving company.