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what are microplastics
Microplastics: What They Are and How They Harm the Planet
Microplastics are in our food, the air, and even our drinking water. Here's what they are, how they're harming the environment, and how to avoid them.
7 Sustainable Brands to Support for Plastic-Free Beauty Day 2022
It's Plastic-Free Beauty Day! Celebrate by checking out some brands doing good in the beauty industry by ditching plastic for good.
Ketchup of the Future: Heinz Is Developing an Eco-Friendly Paper Bottle
Ketchup is one of the most popular condiments in the U.S., and it's getting a makeover. Say hello to this eco-friendly Heinz ketchup bottle.
ALDI Is Eliminating Plastic Bags from All 2,200 Locations by the End of 2023
ALDI is getting rid of plastic shopping bags in all 2,200 locations by 2023 in an effort to meet its sustainability goals.
Demand for Plastic-Free Products Is Up by 90%, Says New Study
Consumers have spoken: Recent Amazon search data reveals an increase in the search for plastic-free products.
What Are Nurdles—and Why Are They Bad for the Environment?
Have you heard of nurdles? The tiny plastic pellets are polluting waterways and harming animals in the process. Here's how to help.
This Veggie Saver Produce Bag Extends the Life of Veggies by Two Weeks
Sick of fruit and veggies going bad before you get the chance to eat them? The Veggie Saver Produce Bag extends their life up to two weeks.
Want to Use Less Plastic? Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Waste
Learning to use less plastic is easy with these tips. Here are five ways to switch up your everyday routine for the better.
4 Sustainable Period Products That Better the Planet
When you use sustainable period products, you better the planet *and* your bank account. Here are our top recommendations.