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Demand for Plastic-Free Products Is Up by 90%, Says New Study

Consumers have spoken: Recent Amazon search data reveals an increase in the search for plastic-free products.

Written by
Angelica Pizza

Living a completely plastic-free life may seem impossible—plastic really is everywhere. Our clothes contain microfibers and our takeout containers are often made of hard-to-recycle plastics. However, recent data shows that the demand for plastic-free products is on the rise.

According to recent 90-day search data on Amazon, the search keywords "plastic free deodorant" are up by 90%. In other words, consumers are looking to decrease their plastic consumption, starting with the products they use every day.

Other search trends include a 59% increase in searches for "plastic free laundry detergent" and a 47% increase in searches for "non plastic food storage." The keywords "non plastic water bottles" also saw a 10% increase in searches on Amazon.

Additionally, 54% of surveyed consumers consider sustainable packaging when making a purchase, according to the 2021 Global Buying Green Report. And 83% of young consumers are willing to pay more for items with sustainable packaging.

A Plastic-Free Product Revolution

Consumers have spoken, and they're ready to say goodbye to plastic and unsustainable packaging.

The good news is many companies are already on board with plastic-free products and packaging, making it easier for conscious consumers to avoid plastic altogether. According to our research, the green packaging market is growing.

Big chains like Starbucks and Burger King are hopping on this trend. Starbucks has plans to phase out single-use plastic cups, and Burger King began testing plant-based plastic—including plant-based straws—last year. Plus, new plastic-free innovations are also on the market, including an edible to-go coffee cup.

How to Get Started with Plastic-Free Products

Finding plastic-free swaps is easier than ever—there's an eco-alternative for almost any product. There are several products that reduce your plastic consumption, thus reducing your environmental footprint.

If you're searching for plastic-free deodorant, try refillable deodorant with 100% plastic-free refills and clean ingredients. You can also get a microfiber-free hair towel, plastic-free hair ties, a plastic-free razor, and more.

Plus, we're seeing other plastic-free innovations—including zero-waste beauty bars for soap, shampoo, and conditioner. From bar shampoos to shave soap bars, you can kiss plastic packaging goodbye.