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This Veggie Saver Produce Bag Extends the Life of Veggies by Two Weeks

Sick of fruit and veggies going bad before you get the chance to eat them? The Veggie Saver Produce Bag extends their life up to two weeks.

Written by
Asha Swann

Nobody likes scraping excess food off their plate and into the trash. We feel guilty about letting all that perfectly good food go to waste. Plus, every time we throw away our food scraps—whether it's dinner leftovers or produce that has simply gone bad—we're contributing to climate change.

Carbon dioxide is one of the more commonly known gasses heating up the planet. Every time we drive somewhere, more carbon gets trapped in the atmosphere. But, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your food waste has a hefty environmental impact, too. When it sits in a landfill, it releases methane, and the impact of methane can be 25 times greater than carbon dioxide.

The key to reducing the amount of methane gas being produced is taking steps to reduce the amount of food we're tossing in the trash, and the Veggie Saver Produce Bag is here to help.

How the Veggie Saver Produce Bag Reduces Food Waste

When you have food waste on hand, compost it to keep it out of landfills. But what if you could prolong the life of your produce so there's less to toss out in the first place?

Fresh items like fruits and vegetables tend to spoil much faster than dry goods, so it's important to preserve them to keep them fresh. That's where the Veggie Saver Produce Bag comes in.

The Veggie Saver Produce Bag isn't just a bag: It's a special blend of cotton that keeps the perfect amount of moisture locked in to prevent your food from rotting. In fact, a 2021 study from the Applied Horticulture Research group found that on average, the Veggie Saver Produce Bag made fruits and vegetables last between 2 to 4 weeks longer than produce stored in plastic. (We've tested it and can confirm!)


So, what would you do with those extra two weeks of fresh veggies in your fridge? Maybe you could make that fancy meal you've been itching to try. Or you could take your time finishing that head of lettuce, instead of having salads every day because you're worried about it wilting.

Having that extra time will also save you money—you won't have to keep restocking groceries. Plus, less rotten food means less methane in the atmosphere. It's a win-win!